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Long Long Life

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This is the story of three scientist friends, who find life too beautiful and too short at the same time. They are strongly convinced that aging is not inevitable and are determined to be a part of this revolution. In order to change the world they need a plan, a team… and they are ready.

Why is information so important?

Research aiming to understand and fight human aging has been evolving quickly over the past few years. Like other researchers in the field, we think there already are among our generation, or possibly the next one, the first people who won’t be condemned to die of aging anymore.

However, the miracle rejuvenation pill is not there yet. The first treatments won’t be easy to come by, which is why finding reliable information is so important. Our research teams are working hard to provide the Long Long Life community with information that will allow you to make wise choices concerning treatments to take to extend your lifespan.

Eventually, we aim to accelerate current research projects against aging – see the “Projects” page for a description of our past and current research projects.

Can I contribute to the Long Long Life community?

Absolutely! Long Long Life is more than an information website, it is a community of people who think that in the 21st century, death might not be inevitable, and that we can become actors of our lifespan. Whether you would like to help us, give us a piece of advice, or show your support, you are more than welcome: join us.

Feeling curious? We are also available to answer any question you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us.