Longevity Leaders

2020 Presentations

6 of the best panel sessions from the 2020 Longevity Leaders World Congress. 

Capturing the value of an experienced workforce

Contributions from:
Andy Briggs, CEO, Phoenix Group
Lesley Johnson, Home Entertainment Director, BBC Worldwide
Placid Jover, Head of HR LatAm, Unilever

Moderated by: Amy Richards, Partner, Mercer

Facilitating “ageing well” to access the longevity dividend

Contributions from:
Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics, London Business School
John Godfrey, Corporate Affairs Director, Legal & General
Debra Whitman, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, AARP

Moderated by: Anna Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Ageing Better

New models for tackling loneliness

Contributions from:
Helen Lamprell, General Counsel & External Affairs Director, Vodafone
Catherine McClen, Founder, BuddyHub

Moderated by: Anna McEwen, Executive Director of Support and Development, Shared Lives Plus

Challenges and opportunities investing in longevity biotech

Contributions from:
Laurence Barker, Chief Business Officer, SV Health Investors
Gregory Bailey, CEO, Juvenescence
Jens Eckstein, Managing Partner, Apollo Ventures
Xinhong Lim, Director, Vickers Ventures

Moderated by: Reenie McCarthy, CEO, Stealth Biotherapeutics

Tackling Ageism

Contributions from:
Jean Accius, Senior Vice President, Thought Leadership and International Affairs, AARP
Peter Rundlet, Vice President, International, AARP
Kamili Wilson, Vice President, Enterprise Initiatives, AARP

Hosted by: Angela Tyrrell, Senior Vice President, Longevity Leaders

Investing in infrastructure for ageing communities to enable independent living

Contributions from:
Raina Summerson, Chief Executive Officer, Agincare
Andrew Ovey, Head of Healthcare, AXA Investment Managers
Baroness Sally Greengross OBE, Chief Executive, International Longevity Centre
Paula Broadbent, Retirement Solutions Director, Engie

Moderated by: Michael Voges, Executive Director, Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO)

All of the sessions are available via the YouTube channel