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etc.venues 200 Aldersgate, London
February 4, 2019

Our Purpose

The rise of a new industry…

Revolutionary new developments in geroscience and biotechnology, the advent of personalised medicine, and ongoing advances in AI, Blockchain, IoT, and other disruptive tech are converging to open up new possibilities for the extension of the human lifespan and healthspan. This brings with it both grand challenges and opportunities – from eradicating age-related disease, and perhaps ageing itself, to redefining the future of care, reimagining retirement living, de-risking longevity in the financial services industry, and developing the commercial and business models that will lead to prosperity in this new age.

Those at the forefront of developing and financing the technologies and solutions to meet these challenges stand to benefit from the significant growth potential offered by the longevity industry.

As a global community, Longevity Leaders gives companies a platform to develop cross-industry partnerships, connect innovation to capital, and forge relationships that will underpin the success of the technologies and industries of longevity and healthy ageing.

Convergence of ‘megatrends’ is the catalyst

  • A shift to Personalised, Precision, Preventative Medicine (P3 Medicine)
  • Geroscience R&D and the science of Anti-Aging
  • Radical digital health, healthtech and agetech advances
  • The emergence of novel financial systems
  • Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Advances
  • Blockchain in healthcare

Our vision, our purpose

We are a global network of leading minds active in geroscience, business and industry, technology, policy making, financial services and the investment community.

We exist to further advance technologies and innovations that will positively impact human health and life span and address the challenges of ageing societies.

We aim to provide the world’s most influential and powerful global platform that will nurture and develop cross industry partnerships, connect innovation to capital and deepen relationships that will underpin the success of the technologies and industries of longevity and healthy ageing.


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