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In drug discovery, there are always 99 reasons to abandon a scientific idea. At Rejuveron, we focus on the one compelling reason to scientifically explore an idea. We support pioneers in the field of aging to transform their scientific discoveries into medicines.

How we work

Rejuveron is a clinical-stage biotechnology company creating therapies to improve healthy aging. Its experienced drug discovery and development team applies a deep understanding of the biology of aging, alongside technological advances in biopharmaceutical R&D, to progress a new generation of medicines that will help people to age better and live longer.

Through its programs, each uniquely focused on preventing, repairing, or reversing the hallmarks of aging, Rejuveron is advancing a therapeutic pipeline that ranges from drug discovery to the clinic. Rejuveron’s business model is to create or acquire innovative programs, each being held within a wholly-owned or majority-owned company.

We are actively looking for transformative ideas to create new entities within the longevity field or to collaborate on projects and technologies already being developed within Rejuveron. If you would like to learn more about partnership opportunities with us, please contact our business development team.