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21-22 April 2020
London, UK

Science Of Ageing And Age-Related Disease

What is it?

The science of ageing and age-related disease conference is dedicated to improving our understanding – and our ability to develop cures for - the diseases of ageing, as much as it is to exploring the novel insights and opportunities being created in the emerging field of geroscience and longevity biotech.

It is designed so help create partnerships, collaborations and innovations that will lead to breakthrough technologies, and the commercialisation and scale up of these technologies to help extend health span.

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Who is it for?

Who Should Attend?

• Biotech CEOs, CSOs, CBOs developing new longevity therapeutics

• Pharma R&D executives exploring new opportunities and innovations to target age-related disease

• Leading scientists, researchers and academics in the fields of:

— Inflammation
— Immunology
— Adaptation to Stress
— Epigenetics
— Metabolism
— Macromolecular damage
— Proteostasis
— Senescence
— Bioinformatics
— Gerontology

• Leading CROs, CMOs, CDMOs and Equipment Manufacturers that can enable the research and development of these new technologies.

• Leading investors who wish to capitalise on the ‘longevity dividend’ and access the best innovation in the area.

• Leading law firms, consultants and patent attorneys who can solve the IP, regulatory and transaction challenges of the industry.

6 Reasons to Attend

1. Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs, trends and insights into the future of ageing science and how it will impact your business and prospects

2. Identify the hottest longevity biotech investment opportunities

3. Find new clients, customers, partners and collaborators to help grow your business and create value for shareholders

4. Showcase your technology, research and company in dedicated company presentation theatres and poster presentations

5. Access the capital and investment you need to translate your technology and scale

6. Create new relationships and deepen existing ones with powerful 1-2-1 meetings and informal networking opportunities


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