Longevity Leaders

Ageing Science

What is it?

Ageing science has the potential to dramatically change how we treat disease and add years to human health span. But there are problems to be solved first: What biomarkers should we use for ageing? How to develop a clinical trial for health span? When are regulatory bodies likely to recognise ageing as a disease and what needs to change for that to happen? How to secure funding or investment in a largely misunderstood field?

Ageing Science brings together biotech executives, academia, investors, regulators, advocates and Big Pharma to explore how to better understand ageing at a biological level, and the responsible clinical development of novel therapies to improve human health span.

Science of Ageing Eradicating Age-Related Disease

Who is it for?

• Biotech executives developing longevity therapeutics

• Ageing science academics and gerontologists

• Investors looking for new innovations within longevity

• Informatics providers with expertise in biomarker discovery

• Data repositories with high level patient data

• Big Pharma external innovation looking for emerging opportunities

• Regulators and policy makers

• Insurance professionals looking for insight into human health span and life expectancy