Longevity Leaders Virtual 250x
Life Lab Showcases

Biotech and Age Tech Showcases

Innovation is at the core of the longevity market, and we’re delighted to showcase some of the most exciting emerging biotech and Age Tech platforms in development.

  • Discover novel platforms in Age Tech and longevity biotech
  • Compare emerging business models and market potential
  • Designed to help you source new investment opportunities

All of the Life Lab presentations will be available digitally and on-demand. That means they’ll be accessible for the duration of the Longevity Leaders Virtual Experience and for 30 days afterwards to digest at your leisure.

Supported by:


Vickers Venture Partners

Life Lab Programme

Repair Biotechnologies 300x-1

Oisin Bio 300x-1



Meditemi 300x

Rubedo Life Sciences 300x

Ekei Labs 300x

QuantalX Neuroscience 300x

Shift Bioscience 300x

Turn Biotechnologies 300x

SIWA Therapeutics 300x

Avenna 300x


Healthy, Wise and Well

Dorian Therapeutics 300x

Ridgeline Therapeutics 300x

OxStem 300x-1

Juvena 300x


Maxwell Biosciences 300x

iLoF - Intelligent Lab on Fiber 300x

OneSkin 300x

Sensorion 300x-1

Diagnoptics Technologies 300x

Ponce de Leon Health 300x

Micregen 300

Glycanage 300x

Life Length 300x

Daphnia Labs 300x

Youthereum Genetics 300x

AgeX Therapeutics 300x

Alkahest 300x

Biophytis 300x

Navitor 300x

ResTORbio 300x

Senolytic Therapeutics 300x

Stealth Bio 300x

Unity Biotechnology 300x



Life Lab Selection Committee

Laurence Barker, CCBO, DDF, SV Health Managers LLP

Laurence Barker

SV Health Managers LLP
Alexandra Bause, Co-Founder, Apollo Ventures

Alexandra Bause

Apollo Ventures
Phil Baylis, CEO of Later Living, Legal & General Capital

Phil Baylis

CEO of Later Living
Legal & General Capital
Yael Benvenisti, CEO, Mediterranean Towers Ventures

Yael Benvenisti

Mediterranean Towers Ventures
Chas Bountra, Chief Scientist, SGC Oxford

Chas Bountra

Chief Scientist
SGC Oxford
Rachel Carey, Chief Scientist, Zinc

Rachel Carey

Chief Scientist
Dominic Endicott, Partner, 4GEN Ventures

Dominic Endicott

4GEN Ventures
Tom Grape, Chairman & CEO, Benchmark Senior Living

Tom Grape

Chairman & CEO
Benchmark Senior Living
Mark Hammond, Founding Partner, Deep Science Ventures

Mark Hammond

Founding Partner
Deep Science Ventures
Fiona de Hemptine, Venture Partner, UCB ventures

Fiona de Hemptine

Venture Partner
UCB ventures
Xinhong Lim, Director, Vickers Venture Partners

Xinhong Lim

Vickers Venture Partners
Lorraine Morley, Project Lead, Age Tech, Allia & Age Tech Accelerator 300x

Lorraine Morley

Project Lead, Age Tech
Allia & Age Tech Accelerator
Deepali Nangia, Early Stage Adviser & Angel Investor

Deepali Nangia

Early Stage Adviser & Angel Investor
Natalia Novac, Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation, Eli Lilly & Company

Natalia Novac

Director, Emerging Technology & Innovation
Eli Lilly & Company
Heather Roxborough, Partner, Optum Ventures

Heather Roxborough

Optum Ventures
Jonathan Synett, Chief Investment Officer, NCL Technology Ventures

Jonathan Synett

Chief Investment Officer
NCL Technology Ventures
Alexandra Tolia, Partner, Fund+

Alexandra Tolia

Max Zamkow, Managing Partner, Third Act Ventures

Max Zamkow

Managing Partner
Third Act Ventures