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Meet our speakers

Ageing Science and Regenerative Medicine

We're excited to announce the following speakers at Longevity Leaders, with more to come.

Ariana Adjani, Co-Founder, Fine Treatment

Ariana Adjani

Fine Treatment
Cristiana Banila, Chief Scientific Officer, MITRA BIO

Cristiana Banila

Chief Scientific Officer
MITRA Biotech
Greg Bailey, CEO, Juvenescence

Greg Bailey

Nir Barzilai, Director,  Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Nir Barzilai

Director, Institute for Aging Research
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Patrick Burgermeister, Partner Kizoo Technology Capital

Patrick Burgermeister

Kizoo Technology Capital
Mark Chalmers, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Mark Chalmers

Ernst & Young LLP
Lynne Cox, PI Lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence, University of Oxford

Lynne Cox

PI Lab of Ageing and Cell Senescence
University of Oxford
Jamie Dananberg, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Unity Biotechnology

Jamie Dananberg

Chief Medical Officer
Unity Biotechnology
Jyothi Devakumar, Longevity Tech Fund

Jyothi Devakumar

Chief Science Officer and Partner
Longevity Tech Fund
Jimmy El Hokayem, Programme Director, BioRasi

Jimmy El Hokayem

Programme Director
Georgina Ellison-Hughes, Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology, Kings College London

Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology
King's College London
Kristen Fortney, CEO & Co-Founder, Bioage Labs Inc

Kristen Fortney

CEO & Co-Founder
Bioage Labs Inc
Jennifer Garrison, Assistant Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Jennifer Garrison

Co-Founder & Director
Global Consortiumfor ReproductiveLongevity & Equality
Anastasiya Giarletta, Principal, R42 Group

Anastasiya Giarletta

R42 Group
Elena Gross, CEO/CSO and founder, KetoSwiss AG

Elena Gross

CEO/CSO and Founder
KetoSwiss AG
Juliette Han, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer, Cambrian

Juliette Han

Chief Operating Officer
Cambrian Biopharma
Stephen Helliwell, VP discovery biology, Rejuveron,

Stephen Helliwell

VP discovery biology
Joshua Hare

Joshua Hare

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer and Chairman
Longeveron LLC
Lorna Harries, Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Exeter Medical School

Lorna Harries

Chief Scientific Officer
Michael Hufford, Co-Founder & CEO, Lygenesis

Michael Hufford

Co-Founder & CEO
Sibylle Jager, Innovation Manager, LOREAL

Sibylle Jager

Scientific Directorate Manager
James Kirkland, Director of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Centre on Aging, Mayo Clinic

James Kirkland

Director of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Centre on Aging
Mayo Clinic
Eric Leire, CEO Genflow Biosciences

Eric Leire

Co-founder & COO
Janet Lord Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham

Janet Lord

Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
University of Birmingham
Joan Mannick, Co-Founder & CEO, Tornado Therapeutics

Joan Mannick

Co-Founder & CEO
Tornado Therapeutics
Stephanie Manson-Brown, Head of Clinical Development, Allergan

Stephanie Manson-Brown

Head of Clinical Development, VP Allergan Aesthetics R&D
Robin Mansukhani, CEO, Deciduous Therapeutics Inc

Robin Mansukhani

Deciduous Therapeutics Inc
Jerry McLaughlin,CEO, Life Biosciences

Jerry McLaughlin

Life Biosciences
Grace McNamara, CEO, EXi

Grace McNamara

Eric Morgen, CMO & COO, BioAge Labs

Eric Morgen

BioAge Labs
Ronjon Nag, President, R42

Ronjon Nag

Managing Director and Founder
Phil Newman, CEO, Longevity Technology

Phil Newman

Longevity Technology
Carolina Reis Oliveira, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, OneSkin

Carolina Reis Oliveira

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Miranda Orr, Assistant Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine, Wake Forest

Miranda Orr

Assistant Professor, Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Wake Forest School of Medicine
James Peyer CEO Cambrian

James Peyer

Thomas Rando, Co-Founder, Fountain Therapeutics

Thomas Rando

Fountain Therapeutics
Justin Rebo, SVP Translational Aging Biology, BioAge

Justin Rebo

SVP Translational Aging Biology
Tobias Reichmuth Co-Founder at Maximon

Tobias Reichmuth

Alexandra Sharon-Bause, Co-Founder, Investment Director and Head of VentureLabs, Apollo Health Ventures

Alexandra Sharon-Bause

Co-Founder, Investment Director and Head of VentureLabs
Apollo Health Ventures
Tea Shavlakadze, Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Tea Shavlakadze

Director of Aging/Age-Relateddisorders,
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc
Matthias Steger, CEO of Rejuveron

Matthias Steger

Petr Sramek, Managing Partner, Longevity Tech Fund

Petr Sramek

Managing Partner
Longevity Tech Fund
Georg C. Terstappen, Ph.D., EVP, Drug,Cambrian  Discovery

Georg C. Terstappen

EVP, Drug Discovery
Cambrian Biopharma
Stefan G. Tullius, Professor of Surgery, Transplant Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Stefan G. Tullius

Joseph E. Murray, MD,Distinguished Chair inTransplant SurgeryProfessor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Ben Turner Director- Venture Science, Europe Lilly New Ventures Corporate Business Development Eli Lilly and Company

Ben Turner

Director - Venture Science, Europe Lilly New Ventures Corporate Business Development
Eli Lilly and Company
David Weinkove, CEO, Magnitude Biosciences

David Weinkove

Magnitude Biosciences
Tina Woods, Founder & CEO, Collider Health 300x

Tina Woods

Collider Health
Saranya Wyles, Assistant Professor, Mayo Clinic

Saranya Wyles

Assistant Professor of regenerative medicine and dermatologist,
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine