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February 4, 2019

Meet Our Speakers

Confirmed speakers to date include:

Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, Insilico Medicine
Alex Zhavoronkov
Insilico Medicine
Andrew Fried, Life Sciences Global Industry Leader, IBM
Andrew Fried
Life Sciences Global Industry Leader
Michael West, CEO, AgeX
Michael West
AgeX Therapeutics
Anna Dixon, CEO, Centre for Ageing Better
Anna Dixon
Centre for Ageing Better
Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, SENS Research Foundation
Aubrey de Grey
CSO, SENS Research Foundation
& VP, AgeX Therapeutics
Chas Bountra, Head of Genomics Consortium, University of Oxford, Chairman, Dementia Discovery Fund
Chas Bountra
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation, University of Oxford; Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium
Joanne Hackett, Chief Commercial Officer, Genomics England
Joanne Hackett
Chief Commercial Officer
Genomics England
John Godfrey, Head of Corporate, Legal & General
John Godfrey
Head of Corporate
Legal & General
Peter de Keizer, Founder, Cleara Biotech
Peter de Keizer
Cleara Biotech
Eric Kihlstrom, Interim Director of the Healthy Ageing Industry Strategy Challenge, Innovate UK
Eric Kihlstrom
Former Interim Director
Healthy Ageing Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund
James Peyer, CEO, Apollo Ventures
James Peyer
Apollo Ventures
Xinhong Lim, Partner, VickersVenture
Xinhong Lim
Tina Wood, CEO, Collider Health
Tina Woods
Collider Health
Joao Pedro de Magalhaes, Scientist & Futurist, University of Liverpool
Joao Pedro de Magalhaes
Scientist & Futurist
University of Liverpool
Joe Tighe, Head of Strategic Development, Benevolent AI
Joe Tighe
Head of Strategic Development
Benevolent AI
Joseph Antoun, Chairman & CEO, L-Nutra
Joseph Antoun
Chairman & CEO
Julia Randell-Khan, Fellow, Stanford Centre on Longevity
Julia Randell-Khan
Stanford Centre on Longevity
Brian M. Delaney, President, Age Reversal Network
Brian M. Delaney
Age Reversal Network
Luca Tres, Head of Life, Securis Insight Investment
Luca Tres
Head of Life
Securis Investment Partners
Mark Allen, CEO, Elevian
Mark Allen
Tristan Edwards, CEO, Life Biosciences Inc
Tristan Edwards
Life Biosciences Inc
Stelios Tzannis, CEO, Aeonian Pharmaceuticals
Stelios Tzannis
Aeonian Pharmaceuticals
Paul Gaudin, CEO, CareRooms
Paul Gaudin
Medtech/insurtech entrepreneur and Investor; Founder, CareRooms
UK Government
Department of Health
UK Government
Mark Hammond, Founding Partner, Deep Science Ventures
Mark Hammond
Founding Partner
Deep Science Ventures
Sergey Young, Founder, Longevity Vision Fund
Sergey Young
Longevity Vision Fund
Reason, CEO, Repair Biotechnologies
Repair Biotechnologies
Terry O'Dwyer, Founder, Longevity Leaders
Terry O'Dwyer
Longevity Leaders
Marc Ramis Castelltort, Co-Founder and CEO, Senolytic Therapeutics
Marc Ramis Castelltort
Co-Founder and CEO
Senolytic Therapeutics
Lynne Cox, Biochemist, University of Oxford
Lynne Cox
University of Oxford
Wilf Blackburn, Chief Executive Officer, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Wilf Blackburn
Chief Executive Officer
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Steven Baxter, Head of Longevity Research, Club Vita
Steven Baxter
Head of Longevity Research
Club Vita
Jennifer Donohue, Director, Algorith and Extremal Consulting
Jennifer Donohue
Algorith and Extremal Consulting
José Luis Cordeiro
José Luis Cordeiro
The Millennium Project

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