Longevity Leaders World Congress Transparent 140x

Why now?

We are at the cusp of a longevity industry revolution

Breakthrough scientific research and development is changing our understanding of ageing biology. These breakthroughs hold tremendous implications for how we think about disease and human health span. The first clinical trials in ageing science are underway, regulators are beginning to take notice and new investment partners are emerging.

With the Tech Revolution we are seeing the birth of a new trillion-dollar Age Tech industry. A new digitally-enabled longevity economy is driving development of better products and interest from potential corporate partners. The future of work, financial services, housing and built environments, mobility, leisure, health and care management are all presenting opportunities ripe for disruption.

At the heart of the longevity industry is the world of pensions risk. Life expectancy improvements are driving a thriving market in longevity swaps and bulk annuities with a defined benefits deficit of over £260bn in the UK alone. Pension schemes and insurers must find more effective strategies to hedge longevity risk, as well as preparing for the impact of improvements in health, care and medical intervention on future life expectancy.

If we are to rise to the challenges and fully realise the opportunities of longevity, all the stakeholders must build partnerships, share knowledge and come up with new commercial models across science, tech and finance. This is where to do it.