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4th Annual Congress
In-Person Event -
26-27th April 2022
etc.venues, 133 Houndsditch, Liverpool St.
London, EC3A 7BX




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Longevity science & regenerative medicine

Longevity science is at a critical moment in time. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic investors, regulators and the medical community have woken up to the promise of ageing science and its potential to completely change how we prevent and treat disease. Advanced analytical tools are driving huge strides in our understanding of ageing biology and potential targets, and a number of high-profile fund raises are driving investor interest in the space.

Meanwhile, regenerative medicine goes from strength to strength, with over 50 RMAT designations in the US to date success of autologous stem cell treatments and renewed interest from the aesthetics industry. Gene therapies continue to show promise and inch closer to adoption. This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of the growing longevity community.

Regenerative medicine and longevity therapeutics have both come a long way in recent years and set for the next decade of innovation, particularly with both gaining from parallel advancements in ageing science. The deeper understanding in cellular senescence, identification of aging genes, tissue engineering constructs and advancements in RNA modulation are all allowing longevity science and cell & gene therapies space to learn and innovate together.

The Longevity Leaders World Congress brings the world’s most prominent regenerative medicine and longevity scientists together, presenting the new research, responsible drug development, novel therapies and commercialisation to target age-related diseases. We’d love you to join us!

Longevity science & regenerative medicine


“A tremendous event!”
Omair Ahmed, Founder & Chief Product Officer, Neurometry


Meet our speakers

Natalia Novac, Director Emerging Technology & Innovation, Eli Lilly

Natalia Novac

Director Emerging Technology & Innovation
Eli Lilly
Thomas Rando, Co-Founder, Fountain Therapeutics

Thomas Rando

Fountain Therapeutics
Greg Bailey, CEO, Juvenescence

Greg Bailey

Joshua Hare, Co-Founder & CSO, Longeveron LLC

Joshua Hare

Co-Founder & CSO
Longeveron LLC
Tea Shavlakadze, Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc

Tea Shavlakadze

Director of Aging/Age-Related Disorders
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
Joan Mannick, Head of R&D at Life Biosciences

Joan Mannick

Head of R&D
Life Biosciences
David Weinkove, CEO, Magnitude Biosciences


Magnitude Biosciences
Procter & Gamble
Sibylle Jager, Scientific Directorate Manager, L’Oréal

Sibylle Jager

Scientific Directorate Manager
Jamie Danaberg, Chief Medical Officer, UNITY Biotechnology

Jamie Danaberg

Chief Medical Officer
UNITY Biotechnology
Lorna Harries, Chief Scientific Officer, Senisca

Lorna Harries

Chief Scientific Officer
Alexandra Bause, Investor Director, Apollo Ventures

Alexandra Bause

Investor Director
Apollo Ventures
Julie Allickson, Chief Manufacturing Development Center Officer, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Julie Allickson

Mayo Clinic Center for Regenerative Medicine
Nir Barzilai, Director, Institute for Aging Research, Albert Einstein School of Medicine 300x

Nir Barzilai

Director, Institute for Aging Research
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Georgina Ellison-Hughes, Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology, Kings College London

Georgina Ellison-Hughes

Professor of Regenerative Muscle Physiology
King’s College London
Janet Lord, Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing, University of Birmingham

Janet Lord

Director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
University of Birmingham
Joseph Sarret, CEO, CohBar Inc

Joseph Sarret

CohBar Inc



Longevity therapeutics market expected to reach $524 million by 2027


More than £1 billion invested in longevity biotech to date


3000+ longevity and regenerative medicine biotechs worldwide

667 active clinical trials for ageing as a disease worldwide

Cell and gene therapy market is forecast to reach $45 billion by 2028

£8.25 billion raised by cell and gene therapy companies in 2020

5000+ investors committing to longevity and regenerative medicine

More than 13,330 active cell therapy trials ongoing

54 RMAT (Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy) designations to date from the FDA

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