Congress Day Two

Wednesday September 8, 2021

All time in CET (EET = +1hr / BST = -1hr / EST = -6hr)

09:00 LSX Welcome

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

09:10 Keynote Presentation: Driving the Next Wave of Biotech Innovation in the Nordics

Karsten Dalgaard, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Karsten Dalgaard, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

10:00 Keynote Presentation and Panel: Growth Capital - To List or Not to List? That is the Question

The relatively early public listing of Nordic life science companies in their financing and clinical development is common, driven by the need for growth capital which was not always available from specialist VCs, and a strong retail investor base in the region. But with more local funds, greater international attention and investment, and a globally booming healthcare sector, the market for private growth capital has arguably never been stronger.

On the flipside, 2020 and 2021 has seen a large number of public fundraises for life science companies, particularly on the Swedish market, proving a strong interest from institutional investors and availability of capital for the right companies. A multi-stakeholder panel discusses this critical dynamic in the Nordic market.

  • Despite a marked recent improvement, is there enough local and international private growth capital in Nordic life sciences?
  • When should companies consider listing and what challenges does going public too early cause later in a company’s life?
  • How efficiently are the growth and main market systems working?

Stephan Christgau, Managing Partner, Eir Ventures 
Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq 
Lena Soderstrom, Chair, InfiCure 
Jonas Jendi, Investment Director & Head of Analysis, Industrifonden 

Stephan Christgau, Managing Partner, Eir Ventures 300x-1    Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq (moderator)    Lena Soderstrom, Board Member, Genovis    Jonas Jendi, Investment Manager, Industrifonden-1

11:00 Presentation and Panel: Leading the Way, But Work Still to be Done? Diversity and Gender Balance in the Nordic Life Sciences Ecosystem

The Nordic countries lead the way in terms of gender equality and diversity. In life sciences, the backing of female-led businesses and women in VC , this leadership role does broadly seem to translate. What is being done right in the Nordics and what can other countries learn from this relative success? How far is there still to go in creating a truly equitable life science ecosystem in the region?

  • On the right path, but not there yet – which national or organisational policies and practices are successful models for addressing gender imbalance?
  • How can ongoing challenges be addressed practically by companies and investors when backing businesses, building management teams and selecting boards?
  • To what extent are talent and wider industry experience issues a challenge in the Nordics? How can these be addressed and how can more international experience be attracted to the Nordic region?

Roger Franklin, Partner, Hadean Ventures 
Inka Mero, Founder & Managing Partner, Voima Ventures 
Petrina Knowles Gjelstrup, SVP People & Organisation, Novo Holdings
Nanna Soni, Director, Coulter Partners

Roger Franklin, COO, Enterome    Inka Mero, Founder & Managing Partner, Voima Ventures    Petrina Knowles Gjelstrup, SVP People & Organisation, Novo Holdings    Nanna Soni, Director, Coulter Partners

12:00 Panel: Expediting Translation of Innovation: Evolving Business Models for Academia, Industry and Investment Partnerships

The speed and diversity of innovation in healthcare continues grow and business models continue to evolve. Alongside research institutions becoming more advanced in the way they look at translating innovation, pharma and investors are increasingly looking earlier for great science and technology and incubators and accelerators are supporting entrepreneurs and earlier stage companies more than ever before. A multi-stakeholder panel discusses translation of innovation from the Nordics, and what lessons can be learned from partnerships and how other countries and regions are trying to speed up the process of getting the latest advancements from academia to industry.

  • What are some examples of successful business models which are working and are the keys to their success?
  • How much will venture creation models be a part of the future funding dynamic?
  • A lot of momentum has been building in this early stage translation, how can this be maintained?
  • How can the Nordic region work with international partners to attract more early stage investment, and more pharma interest?

Bobby Soni, CBO, BioInnovation Institute
Richard Reschen, Associate Director Business Development, MSD 
Christian Schetter, Managing Director, Arix Bioscience 
Magnus Björsne, CEO, AZ BioVentureHub 
Klementina Österberg, CEO, GU Ventures 

Bobby Soni, Parther, Life Science    Richard Reschen, Associate Director Business Development, MSD 300x    Christian Schetter, Managing Director, Arix Bioscience 300x    Magnus Björsne, CEO, AZ BioVentureHub    Klementina Österberg, CEO, GU Ventures

13:00 Masterclass: Biotech Valuations as Preparation for out-Licensing and Investment

Biotechnology often offers a promise of future success but knowing it can take years and needs proper planning to determine how the effort and expense will translate into returns. In this 45-minute interactive workshop, held in a Zoom breakout room, experts will explore the key considerations around biotech valuations when preparing for out-licencing deals for specific assets, considering a public listing or when raising a next round of financing.

  • Why every biotech should create a valuation model
  • Common mistakes in valuations and how to avoid them
  • Gaining the upper hand in negotiations

Tobias Thornblad, CEO, MS&C Nordics

Tobias Thornblad, CEO, MS&C Nordics

14:00 Panel: Increasing Capital, Competition and a Cultural Shift - Are Win-Win Deals Harder Than Ever?

With increased capital flow, and companies looking to go further with longer term aspirations, is the pharma deal-making landscape getting tougher? With more competition than ever before, better funded companies and higher valuations, is making win-win deals harder for international pharma? Pharma BD&L heads discuss how evolving industry and investment dynamics are impacting pharma’s approach, and how Nordic innovation across the healthcare spectrum fits into their business development and deal-making strategies.

  • The impact of evolving investment dynamics on pharma partnering and deal-making strategies
  • COVID as an accelerator – how dramatically has the pandemic affected pharma’s partnering and deal-making strategies? Are deal analysis and reviews being done more quickly and efficiently and will this continue?
  • What challenges does the common trend of relatively early-listing of companies in the Nordics have on partnering and M&A deals?
  • What are Pharma looking for in Nordic science technology and innovation?

Karen McGurk, Executive Director Transactions, MSD 
Miriam Frieden, VP S&E, Novo Nordisk 
James Stamatis, Vice President, Head of Business Development and Acquisitions, AbbVie 

Karen McGurk, Executive Director Transactions, MSD 300x-1    Miriam Frieden, Vice President R&D Innovation Sourcing, Novo Nordisk    James Stamatis, Vice President, Head of Business Development and Acquisitions, AbbVie

15:00 Panel: Accessing US Capital Through the Primary and Secondary US Public Markets

Joe Coveney, VP Corporate Services, OTC Markets Group

Joe Coveney, Vice President, OTC Markets 300x

16:00 Panel: Building Successful International Medtech – Investment, Planning and US Market Access

The Nordic ecosystem has produced world-leading medtech businesses, and innovation in space continues apace. Sooner or later, any ambitious medtech company is going to look to the US to build a footprint and eventually commercialise their products. Early planning, securing requisite investment and an ambitious mindset with the right partners is key to realising this vision. What are the keys to securing international investment, and a successful well planned internationalisation programme.

  • How can companies operationally bridge the gap and build an international footprint?
  • What renders companies successful and how does that drive success in securing international investment?
  • What do US investors look for when looking at a European medtech investment?

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Director, BioVentures MedTech Funds 
Stine Mølgaard, COO & Co-founder, Radiobotics 

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x    Stine Mølgaard, COO & Co-founder, Radiobotics

17:00 Video Networking Reception