LSX Public CEO Forum

Public CEO Forum

Tuesday, September 7 | 15:00 CET (EET = +1hr / BST = -1hr / EST = -6hr)

Open to 25 CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, President, Chairman or c-suite executives (CFO, CBO, CCO, CSO, CMO) of publicly listed Nordic biotech companies.

Free to attend, pre-registration only, Chatham House Rule forum hosted on Zoom where all participants are active discussants.

  • Benchmark yourself against your peers
  • Uncover key factors of success
  • Share war stories and common challenges
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Find new ways to help your business thrive

15:00 LSX Welcome

Don DeBethizy, Director, Argenx
Moderator: Don DeBethizy, Director, Argenx


15:05 Key Legal Trends For Listed Companies 2021

  • Recent and upcoming important changes to the regulatory framework
  • MAR, related party transactions
  • Executive remuneration, prospectuses


Erik Sjöman, Partner, Vinge
Erik Sjöman
, Partner, Vinge


15:20 Q&A and Discussion

11:25 Key Success Factors In Accessing The US Market

  • Accessing US capital (private and public)
  • Building a US footprint
  • Deal-making with US partners

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x
Jonathan Gertler
, Managing Partner and CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors


15:40 Q&A and Discussion

15:45 Internationalisation And Building A US Footprint

  • The importance of boots on the ground and strategically building your presence in the US
  • Listing locally, listing in the US and expanding your investor base
  • Key success factors in building a transatlantic business

Rami Levin, CEO, Saniona
Rami Levin, CEO, Saniona


16:05 Q&A and Discussion

16:10 General Discussion

Topics to include:

  • Public financing, growth and internationalising of Nordic biotech
  • The return to ’normal’ business operations – what does this look like?
  • Accessing the US market – public markets, partners, return to international meetings, roadshows and events?

16:45 End Of Forum


Co-hosted by:

Back Bay Life Science Advisors      Nasdaq Vinge



This session takes place as part of the LSX Nordic Congress.

If you qualify can attend for free by registering for the 'Content Only' pass via the main registration page. 

If you are unsure if this session is for you please contact