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*** 17:30 - 20:00 Tuesday 10th October - Stay with us for the networking reception ***


Day 1 - Tuesday 10th October

08:50 Welcome Address

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

09:00 Live Opening Of The Nasdaq Nordic Markets & Nasdaq Welcome 

Adam Kostyal, SVP, Head Listings EMEA, Nasdaq 
Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq (moderator)

09:10 Back Bay Welcome Address

Jonathan Gertler, CEO, BackBay Life Science Advisors 

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x

09:20 Unleashing The Global Potential Of The Nordic Life Science Markets Through Strategic Internationalization 

The Nordic region has long been recognized as a global leader in innovation, sustainability, and quality of life, and has also emerged as a hotbed for life science innovation and entrepreneurship with an increasing number of startups. The Nordic region shares a highly interconnected business environment that facilitates cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange, creating a unique ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting investors and partners from around the world. Despite these advantages, however, the Nordic life science markets face a number of challenges in their efforts to grow and internationalize. This keynote discussion will explore the current state of the Nordic life science markets, including their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss strategies for growing and globalizing the industry in the years ahead.

  • What are the current challenges facing the Nordic life science markets, and how can we address them?
  • What are the unique strengths of the Nordic life science industry that can be leveraged for international expansion?
  • What strategies can Nordic life science companies adopt to successfully enter and compete in international markets?
  • How can Nordic countries collaborate to build a stronger and more competitive life science ecosystem?
  • What role can government policies and initiatives play in supporting the growth and internationalisation of the Nordic life science markets?

Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO, Lundbeck 
Adam Kostyal, SVP, Head Listings EMEA, Nasdaq 
Henrijette Richter, Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners 
Nanna Lüneborg, General Partner, Forbion 
Jonathan Gertler, CEO, BackBay Life Science Advisors
Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO, Lundbeck Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq (moderator)Henrijette-Richter--Managing-Partner--Sofinnova-ConvertImageNanna Lüneborg, General Partner, ForbionJonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x

10:10 How Can Nordic Life Sciences Continue To Be A Global Leader? 

AstraZeneca has a bold aspiration to launch 15 new medicines over the coming years and become carbon-neutral. As a Swedish-British company with more than 84.000 employees globally, the company plays a leading role in the Nordics as well as global life sciences. With increased globalization and competition, what is needed if the Nordics should continue to be a leader within life sciences?

Anna-Lena Engwall
, Nordic Country President, AstraZeneca 

Anna-Lena Engwall, Nordic Country President, AstraZeneca

10:30 Morning Break



Day 2 - Wednesday 11th October

09:00 Welcome Address

Caitlin McNally, Conference Director, LSX

09:10 Keynote Panel: How Can We Make the Nordics a Destination of Choice for DTx and Digital Health Launch?

There seems to be a norm of DTx and Digital Health companies being founded in the Nordics but then having to go abroad to scale. This is due to issues such as financing development of these digital solutions, market size, no centralised reimbursement pathways, and lack of adoption - why is this the case and what can be done to overcome this? A panel discussion about how these barriers can be overcomes and what more can be done to make Nordics a destination of choice for DTx and Digital Health launch.

  • Overview of the European reimbursement landscape for DTx and Digital Health solutions, how do the Nordics compare?
  • DTx and digital health adoption barriers in the Nordics- Assessing the countries readiness
  • Leveraging Nordic strengths in telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and e-health – How can we translate this to healthtech
  • Fostering partnerships between Nordic healthtech companies and international investors & accelerators
Malin Johansson, Global Head of Digital Health Partnerships, Novo Nordisk 
Charlotte Søby Vestergaard
, Global Head of Digital Markets, Sanofi 
Beth Wolff
, Director Digital Health Solutions, Global Corporate Strategy & BD, Lundbeck 
Malin Johansson, Director Digital Health Partnerships, Novo NordiskCharlotte Søby Vestergaard, Global Head of Digital Markets, Sanofi Beth Wolff, Director Digital Health Solutions, Global Corporate Strategy & BD, Lundbeck

09:50 Keynote Panel: Navigating the Healthtech & Digital Health Investment Landscape - Where are Investors Placing Their Bets?

With the Nordics being long-term leaders in digital innovation, can further investment help further fuel the next wave of digital healthcare innovators in the region?

  • Assessment of where we are, and what’s next for healthtech & digital health funding, finance, and investment
  • How does investment landscape in the Nordics compare to the EU & the US?
  • What are investors are looking for in when looking to invest in digital health innovators?
  • What factors are driving your investment decisions, and which areas are primed for growth?
  • How do you strike a balance between strategic and financial interests?
  • Are DTx living up to the hype?
Moderator: Claudia Colciago, Senior Investment Manager, Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund (EIFO) 
Vijay Barathan
, Partner, Optum Ventures 
Christoph Kausch, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, MTIP 
Ekaterina Gianelli
, Partner, Inventure 

Claudia Colciago Investment Director, Takeda Digital VentureVijay_BarathanChristoph Kausch, Managing Partner, MTIPEkaterina Gianelli, Investment Director at Inventure

10:30 Morning Break 

11:00 From the Nordics to the World – Internationalising and Scaling Digital Health Companies

  • Best practices for successful digital health business models
  • Scale up challenges (financing and investment, cross border expansion etc)
  • Examples of key success factors in scaling and launching in the US, UK and outside the Nordics
  • Overcoming roadblocks in digital health and DTx partnerships and collaborations
Valentin Lubbe, Chief Operating Officer, Hedia 
Thomas Lethenborg
, CEO, Monsenso 
Lukas Didon
, Commercial & Partnerships VP, Kry 
Valentin Lubbe, COO, HediaThomas Lethenborg, CEO, Monsenso  Lukas Didon, Commercial & Partnerships Vice President, KRY

12:00 Strengthening the Ecosystem to Address the Unmet Medical Needs Within Women's Health

  • Assessing the progress in the women’s health space
  • Thinking of women’s health in a more holistic way
  • Collaboration across the innovation pipeline to strengthen the ecosystem
  • A spotlight on start-ups with new transformative therapeutics or health tech solutions to address high unmet medical needs in women’s health
  • How are commercial leaders addressing Women’s Health needs?
Diana Torgersen, Executive Director, External Innovation & Emerging Science, Organon 
Kelle Moley, Global VP of Clinical & Translational R&D, Reproductive Medicine & Maternal Health, Ferring Pharmaceuticals 
Johanna Roostalu, Principal, Women's Health, The BioInnovation Institute 
Anette Steenberg, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance

Diana Torgersen, Executive Director, External Innovation and Emerging Science, Organon Kelle Moley, Global VP of Clinical & Translational R&D, Reproductive Medicine & Maternal Health, Ferring Pharmaceuticals Johanna Roostalu, Principal, Womens Health, The BioInnovation Institute Anette Steenberg, CEO, Medicon Valley Alliance-1

13:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Health Data Value - Is the Nordic Region a Role Model for the EU?

  • How can we leverage healthcare data in the Nordics?
  • Addressing the challenges related to data quality, interoperability, and access
  • Developing standardized data models, sharing agreements, and governance frameworks that facilitate data exchange while protecting patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Health data use case studies - using data for better healthcare
Johannes Ahlqvist, Specialist-Health Data, Sitra 
Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO, DataFair 
Frederik Knud Nielsen, Healthcare Partnership Director, Novartis 
Maria Lajer, Medical Affairs Data Expert, Pfizer
Lars Endahl, Statistical VP, Novo Nordisk 
Johannes Ahlqvist, Specialist-Health Data, Sitra Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO, DataFairFrederik Knud Nielsen, Healthcare Partnership Director, Novartis Lars Endahl, Statistical VP, Novo Nordisk

15:05 Getting a Digital Health Product to Market: How to Navigate the Nordic Markets

  • Market access in an uncertain regulatory environment – how can companies succeed?
  • Payers, providers, patients, regions – who is the decision maker in the Nordics?
  • Telemedicine success cases – which lessons learned are relevant for digital health products?
  • Are countries establishing a pro-innovation approach to regulating AI?
Laura Wamprecht, Managing Director, Flying Health 
Kim Baden-Kristensen
, CEO & Co-founder, Brain+ 
Niclas Skyttberg
, Chief Medical Officer, Aleris Group 
Laura Wamprecht, Managing Director, Flying Health 300xKim Baden-Kristensen, CEO, Brain+Niclas Skyttberg, Chief Medical Officer, Aleris Group

16:00 Close of LSX Nordic Congress 2023


LSX Healthtech CEO Forum-1Day 1 - Tuesday 10th October - 11:00


11:00 Welcome Introductions 

11:05 Adoption and expansion across borders

11:35 Fundraising and capital flow in healthtech

12:05 General Discussion  
(suggested topics to include but not limited to) 

  • Fundraising challenges and opportunities
  • Overcoming barriers to market and regulatory approval
  • Creating the right deals and partnerships to move your business forward
  • Internationalising and company growth 

12:45 Lunch Break