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*** 17:30 - 20:00 Tuesday 10th October - Stay with us for the networking reception ***


Day 1 - Tuesday 10th October

08:50 Welcome Address

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

09:00 Live Opening Of The Nasdaq Nordic Markets & Nasdaq Welcome 

Adam Kostyal, SVP, Head Listings EMEA, Nasdaq 
Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq (moderator)

09:10 Back Bay Welcome Address

Jonathan Gertler, CEO, BackBay Life Science Advisors 

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x

09:20 Unleashing The Global Potential Of The Nordic Life Science Markets Through Strategic Internationalization 

The Nordic region has long been recognized as a global leader in innovation, sustainability, and quality of life, and has also emerged as a hotbed for life science innovation and entrepreneurship with an increasing number of startups. The Nordic region shares a highly interconnected business environment that facilitates cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange, creating a unique ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, attracting investors and partners from around the world. Despite these advantages, however, the Nordic life science markets face a number of challenges in their efforts to grow and internationalize. This keynote discussion will explore the current state of the Nordic life science markets, including their strengths and weaknesses, and discuss strategies for growing and globalizing the industry in the years ahead. 

  • What are the current challenges facing the Nordic life science markets, and how can we address them?
  • What are the unique strengths of the Nordic life science industry that can be leveraged for international expansion?
  • What strategies can Nordic life science companies adopt to successfully enter and compete in international markets?
  • How can Nordic countries collaborate to build a stronger and more competitive life science ecosystem?
  • What role can government policies and initiatives play in supporting the growth and internationalisation of the Nordic life science markets?

Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO, Lundbeck 
Adam Kostyal
, SVP, Head Listings EMEA, Nasdaq  
Henrijette Richer,
Managing Partner, Sofinnova Partners  
Nanna Lüneborg
, General Partner, Forbion 
Jonathan Gertler
, CEO, BackBay Life Science Advisors  
Deborah Dunsire, President & CEO, Lundbeck Adam Kostyal, SVP, Nasdaq (moderator)Henrijette-Richter--Managing-Partner--Sofinnova-ConvertImageNanna Lüneborg, General Partner, ForbionJonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300x

10:10 How Can Nordic Life Sciences Continue To Be A Global Leader? 

AstraZeneca has a bold aspiration to launch 15 new medicines over the coming years and become carbon-neutral. As a Swedish-British company with more than 84.000 employees globally, the company plays a leading role in the Nordics as well as global life sciences. 
With increased globalization and competition, what is needed if the Nordics should continue to be a leader within life sciences? 

Anna-Lena Engwall
, Nordic Country President, AstraZeneca 

Anna-Lena Engwall, Nordic Country President, AstraZeneca

10:30 Morning Break

11:00 Northern Lights - Illuminating International Investment Opportunities In Nordic Medtech 

With one of the densest and most innovative life clusters in the world, the Nordic life science offering is attracting the attention of investors worldwide. As innovation and competition ramps up, medtech companies who understand what these investors are looking for will pull to the front of the pack. A panel of international medtech investors discuss the Nordic market, tapping and how medtech companies best position themselves for investment.

  • Specific areas of medtech innovation attracting investment, and how the Nordic market addressing these needs
  • Evaluating the potential of technologies and management team; what are the key factors influencing investment decisions?
  • Key factors contributing to the success of past international backed Nordic medtech investments
Magnus Holm, Venture Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners 
Mads Lacoppidan
, Partner, EIFO 
Robert Schier
, Senior Investment Director Private Equity, Asset Management Zürcher Kantonalbank 
Magnus Holm, Venture Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners Mads Lacoppidan Investment Director Vækstfonden V2Robert Schier, Senior Investment Director Private Equity, Asset Management Zürcher Kantonalbank

12:00 Paths To Partnership And Navigating Acquisition For Future Growth  

Medtech may be facing headwinds due to staffing shortages and cutbacks in medical device procurement, leading to a 62% drop in M&A value last year. But, the industry is bouncing back with a spike in M&A activity in Q4 2022, with a focus on developing digital capabilities and collaborating to unlock personalized treatments. In 2024, Medtech companies are expected to work collaboratively to promote interoperability of healthcare data, with Big MedTech companies seeking external innovation to improve efficiency. A panel of industry leaders will discuss the exciting partnering and deal-making landscape across the Nordic region, including identifying early-stage technology start-ups, BD strategies, areas of innovation, and acquisition opportunities. 

  • Risks and rewards of the path to acquisition for a medtech SME
  • BD and partnering strategies of the industry's leading companies – local and international
  • Assessing the Nordic region's position in global medtech innovation
Niels Abel Bonde, Chairperson, MVA
Bo Vendelboe,
Vice President, Business Transformation & Commercial Excellence EMEA, Zimmer Biomet
Tejas Atawane
, Head of Business Development, Philips 
Emily Xiao Fu
, M&A Director, Halma
Niels Abel Bonde, Chairperson, MVABo Vendelboe, Vice President, Business Transformation & Commercial Excellence EMEA, Zimmer BiometTejas Atawane, Head of Business Development, Philips Emily Fu, M&A Director, Halma

12:50 Lunch Breack

13:45 Uniting For Better Healthcare - How Medtech Companies And Nordic Hospitals Can Bridge The Gap 

Nordic hospitals face severe pressure with increasing waiting times for operations, nurse shortages, and the risk of compromised patient health. The healthcare sector urgently needs innovation to alleviate the burden on clinicians. A panel of experts discusses how medtech companies can step up and meet this critical need. 

  • What specific challenges are Nordic hospitals facing and how can new technologies and solutions help address them?
  • How can we ensure that solutions meet the needs of both patients and healthcare providers in the Nordic region
  • What steps can medtech companies take to build strong partnerships with Nordic hospitals and healthcare organizations
Olafur Baldursson, Chief Medical Officer, Landspitali University Hospital 
Brian Holch Kristensen
, Chief Innovation Officer, Bispebjerg Hospital
Markus Lingman
, Chief Strategy Officer, Region Halland 
Olafur Baldursson, Chief Medical Officer, Landspitali University Hospital Brian Holch Kristensen, Chief Innovation Officer, Bispebjerg HospitalMarkus Lingman, Chief Strategy Officer, Region Halland

14:45 Scaling Up In The Nordics - Funding Strategies For Medtech Entrepreneurs 

The Nordic region's emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation has driven economic growth for decades, but concerns have been raised about the long-term viability of the Nordic model for startups looking to scale. Startups need to focus on sustainable growth, well-balanced partnerships, and networking to succeed. Despite challenges faced by the investment industry in 2022, PE deal count in the Nordics increased and VC deal activity remained strong. With such a lucrative start-up environment, a panel of international and local investors discuss how medtech companies can stand-out from the crowd.

  • The importance of sustainable growth for Nordic medtech startups in the long-term viability of the Nordic model
  • How to form well-balanced partnerships and utilize networking to access funding opportunities for Nordic medtech companies
  • Strategies to differentiate Nordic medtech startups from competitors and stand-out in a competitive environment
Jonathan Gertler, Managing Director, BioVentures MedTech Funds 
Roger Gunnarsson
, Managing Partner, Segulah Medical Acceleration 
Marko Kuisma
, Partner, Innovestor 

Jonathan Gertler, Managing Partner & CEO, Back Bay Life Science Advisors 300xRoger Gunnarsson, Managing Partner, Segulah Medical Accelaration Marko Kuisma, Partner, Innovestor

15:40 Afternoon Break

16:10 The Value Of Nordic Medtech Collaboration  

Collaboration among medtech companies is essential for consolidating Nordic economies and societies and staying competitive globally. Although Sweden and Denmark lead the pack in market size, collaboration should involve rapidly growing life science hotspots in Norway and Finland. Nordic countries should develop a framework for efficient and secure data sharing, promote collaborative innovation and knowledge sharing, and encourage cross-border investment and partnerships. By fostering a culture of collaboration and coordination and leveraging their collective strengths, the life science cluster can be further strengthened and cement its position as a leading cluster and hub. A panel of industry leaders discuss why and how medtech leaders should take advantage of inter-regional collaboration.

  • How can the region collaborate to promote innovation and knowledge sharing across borders
  • What steps can be taken to develop a framework for efficient and secure data sharing among Nordic medtech companies, how can we ensure data privacy and protection
  • How can the industry encourage cross-border investment and partnership, what are the benefits and challenges of such collaborations
Viktor Drvota, CEO, Karolinska Development 
Rasmus Malmborg
, Senior Advisor, Head of Program, (Life Science & Health Tech), Nordic Innovation 
Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand
, CEO, Swedish Medtech 

Viktor Drvota, CEO, Karolinska Development Rasmus Malmborg, Senior Advisor, Head of Program, (Life Science & Health Tech), Nordic Innovation Anna Lefevre Skjöldebrand, CEO, Swedish Medtech

16:50 From Data To Diagnosis - Digitisation And The Future Of Nordic Medtech 

The Nordic medtech industry is undergoing a significant transformation through digitisation. Companies are embracing innovative technologies like AI and natural language interpretation to enhance their products and services, leading to faster and more accurate diagnoses, personalised treatment plans and improved patient outcomes. However, regulatory and legal considerations, as well as IP protection and innovation, remain important challenges. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for medtech companies to stay at the forefront of innovation while balancing patient safety and compliance with applicable laws.

  • How can medtech companies effectively leverage the benefits of digitisation, such as the use of AI and natural language interpretation, while managing regulatory and legal considerations
  • What are some potential partnership opportunities (cross-border collaborations or public-private partnerships) that medtech companies can explore to stay competitive  
  • What are the emerging trends and challenges in personalised and preventive medicine in the Nordic region, and how can medtech companies navigate these
Pekka Simula, Partner, Innovestor 
Claus Hansen,
Chief Business Officer, Co-founder/Executive Chairperson, Cystotech 
Victoria Tottie
, General Manager Nordics, Digital Health Solutions, Getinge 
Linn Christensson
, General Manager Nordics, Benelux, Zimmer Biomet 

Pekka Simula, Partner, Innovestor Life ScienceClaus Hansen, Chief Business Officer, Co-founderExecutive Chairperson, Cystotech Victoria Tottie, General Manager Nordics, Digital Health Solutions, Getinge Linn Christensson, General Manager Nordics and Benelux, Zimmer Biomet



LSX Medtech CEO ForumDay 2 - Wednesday 11th October - 11:00


11:00 Welcome Introductions 

11:15 Beyond The Résumé: Choosing The Right Advisors For Your Medtech Company's Board 

Ensuring successful strategic planning for your business through effective governance 

Q&A & General Discussion 

11:35 The Next Step: Exploring Opportunities Beyond The Nordic Region

The challenges and opportunities when expanding from domestic territory to the global market. 

Q&A & General Discussion 

11:45 General Discussion  
(suggested topics to include but not limited to) 

  • Fundraising challenges and opportunities
  • Overcoming barriers to market and regulatory approval
  • Creating the right deals and partnerships to move your business forward
  • Internationalising and company growth 

12:45 Lunch Break