Meet the right people and achieve your goals through one-to-one meetings

Achieve your investment, partnering and business development objectives with the LSX 1:1 partnering system. 

partneringONE opens - 19th September 2023


About partneringONE

Partnering is different from networking! It’s planning to meet because you have something to discuss rather than finding something to discuss because you happen to meet. Successful partnering is tied to pre-event preparation. With the support of EBD Group’s partneringONE®, arranging one-to-one meetings with your target companies is a breeze.

One Login

Attendees use ONE single login across all partneringONE events, with partnering history accessible from past events.


Powerful Search Tools

Expansive search allows attendees to discover potential partners and relevant conference sessions and company presentations.


Mobile Responsive

Access partneringONE from anywhere on any device. No need to download an app.


How to use partneringONE

LSX World Key Reasons 01
  Activate your account and create a password. 
Watch for an email from to guide you. 

LSX World Key Reasons 02   Login to partneringONE

LSX World Key Reasons 03  Edit and publish your company profile and assets. The more you include in your company, personal and asset profiles, the easier it is for potential partners to find you and decide if they want to meet. Be sure to publish your company and asset profiles. 

4   Set your availability. Within your agenda, indicate when you are available to take one-to-one meetings. 

5-Jul-31-2023-07-09-27-0086-PM  Search. Search for companies, participants and licensing opportunities of interest and send requests for one-to-one meetings. 

6-Jul-31-2023-07-14-01-4410-PM  Agree to your meetings. Once partnering is launched, accept or decline requests from others. Your meeting schedule will be based on your accepted requests and mutual availability.

7-Jul-31-2023-07-26-54-9905-PM  Sit back and relax. Agreed meetings will be scheduled instantly and meeting locations will be published a few days before the event.

8-4  Keep up to date on site. Login from your mobile device to find your next meeting and respond to new messages. Going mobile saves paper and makes sure you don’t miss any last minute changes.

Partnering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access to partneringONE is included with your registration. Within 24 hours of registering to attend the conference, you should receive an email with details on logging into partneringONE to set up your profile. Once the system fully opens (3 weeks prior to the event), you can view all other registrants and begin to request/accept meetings. In the meantime, you will want to log in and start building your partnering profile: a brief summary of your background, company, and products.

Please allow 24 hours after registering to receive access to partneringONE. You will receive an email with your login information at that time.

There is not an app but partneringONE can be accessed on-the-go via your browser. There is nothing you need to download to your phone. Simply navigate to the event website and login.

Meetings are expected to last 25 minutes and should start and end on time. Monitor your meeting time and leave each meeting at the designated end time.

You can easily add or remove a colleague and/or yourself from a meeting. Simply select the meeting from the Requests page and click the pencil icon beside your company name at the top of the message. This will bring up a full list of attendees from your company. Simply click or unclick the correct participants. If you are adding someone, make sure they are marked as ʻAvailableʼ on their Agenda during the appropriate timeslot.

Go to Agenda - Meeting Schedule. Select “Calendar Export” from the upper right corner to export your partnering meetings to your personal calendar. Please note, if there are updates to your scheduled partnering meetings after you exported your calendar, you need to do this step again to update your calendar and reflect recent changes.

Meetings with “Missing Availability” could not be scheduled due to no common availability among the participants. You can help resolve this scheduling conflict by setting more timeslots to available and/or removing any optional participants from your company. Also, try opening some early morning or evening time slots to account for other time zones. Also feel free to make use of the "Resolve Conflict" button, which will show you time slots the other party may have available that you do not. partneringONE will attempt to schedule these meetings every few hours.

This usually means that the other party has contacted us to cancel their registration at the event. When a registration has been cancelled, all meetings associated with it are also cancelled and they appear as, ʻRequest cancelled. Message from Administrator,ʼ in your inbox. 

Yes, you can submit a rescheduling request via partneringONE. Go to Agenda - Meeting Schedule, and select the “Rescheduling” button next to the corresponding meeting. When you submit a meeting for rescheduling, you will be offered alternative times and dates. When you agree to the alternative time slot, the meeting will be instantly rescheduled and you will then set your availability for the now empty time slot. If there is no alternative time and date offered, you can still enter the meeting for rescheduling. It will be reviewed regularly by the scheduler to see if it can be fit in. 

Go to your “Settings” page to manage your email and notifications preferences. You can subscribe to SMS notifications, add another email address as a secondary email, and turn on instant notifications.

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