Company Showcases and Virtual Booths

The virtual experience showcases all stages of private and public biotech, medtech and healthtech companies from across the Nordic Region.

- Companies have the opportunity to pre-record and release on-demand video showcases alongside their profiles and relevant supporting documentation for investors and partners to search, evaluate and connect. Showcases will remain available on-demand for the full four-day experience.

- Companies have the opportunity to utilise a virtual booth to stream / broadcast additional content that sits along side live chat functionality to help demonstrate products/technology in realtime.

When is showcasing and a virtual tech booth a good idea:

  • When you are actively fundraising or attracting partners 
  • When you have an impactful company or product news 
  • When you are raising awareness of your business / technology


Example of the Showcase Platform

  • 10-12min pre-recorded presentation
  • Viewers can use the live chat function to leave questions and arrange virtual 1:1s
  • Remains as on-demand content for the full four days
  • Upload your investment/partnering preferences as a static profile



Example of the Virtual Booth

  • Upload video content, PDF slide decks, whitepapers and company literature
  • Visitors can use the live chat function to leave questions and arrange virtual 1:1s
  • Remains active for the full four days
  • Link your booth to your virtual delegates ensuring maximum exposure





Suitable for biotech, medtech, healthtech and deeptech company executives only

- Access to all live, on-demand and suitable interactive sessions plus company showcases
- Arrange dozens of private, qualified 1:1 video meetings across 4 days and access multiple virtual networking receptions
- Host a 12min pre-recorded, company showcase released as on-demand for 4 days
- Host a virtual company booth to stream technology demonstrations, PDF presentations and company literature

Package level: from SEK10100