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Investor Forum

The mission of the Investor Forum is to provide a unique, powerful and valuable space for the candid sharing of experience between the sector's venture capital, private equity and institutional investor executives, so that they can leave with new ideas that will drive their funds and portfolios forward. 

It is a pre-registration only, exclusive session which will share valuable insight and market knowledge, ideas and strategies, new thinking about the current investment landscape and how investors and traders can best navigate the year ahead, profitably and with success.

All participants are encouraged to be active discussants and have an equal voice ensuring discussions are meaningful. It follows a strict Chatham House Rule policy and includes case studies, peer review and general discussions focused on brainstorming solutions to the collective challenges of investment executives in the sector. 

Taking place in a closed-door session at the LSX World Congress USA, the forum features:

  • A State of the Market presentation with views on M&A and Capital Markets
  • 3-4 x interactive peer review case studies of recent investments, transactions or deals, presented by investor executives and moderated by experts in their fields
  • 2 x 45-minute focused discussion on appropriate funding, financing and strategic challenges in the region that will have actionable outcomes as its goals

Case studies and topics to include but not exclusively:

  • Industry convergence 
  • Emerging sector opportunities
  • Stock market stability / volatility
  • Geographic market conditions

Given the scope and focus on the forum, the Investor2Investor Forum is only open to pre-registered, pre-qualified VCs, PE and Institutional fund executives.