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Open to CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, President, Chairman or c-suite executive (CFO, CBO, CCO, CSO, CMO) of US-based, post-series A-funded, therapeutic Biotech companies.

Free to attend, pre-registration only, Chatham House Rule forum hosted on Zoom where all participants are active discussants. 

  • Benchmark yourself against your peers
  • Uncover key factors of success
  • Share war stories and common challenges
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Find new ways to help your business thrive

Agenda (All times in EDT)

13:00 Welcome

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

Introduction from LSX to the forum, introductions from all participants and sharing of pre-event benchmarking survey results

Moderator: Ed Saltzman, Executive Chairman, Cello Health Bio Consulting

13:10 Client Alliance Perspective Fireside Chat: Too Much of a Good Thing Can be Wonderful: Optimizing Value From Broad Discovery Platforms Through Strategy And Strategic Partnering

Unlike single- or few-asset companies, which have a relatively straight forward path to value, based primarily on executing clinical development and progressively de-risking the asset(s), broad platform companies have a “good problem” - they have a plethora of pipeline opportunities. While companies developing a limited number of assets can, and typically do, choose to progress these assets as far as possible towards PoC prior to partnering, companies working on wresting value out of broad discovery platforms will often confront partnering strategy decisions much sooner. Sometimes this can be as early as after initial funding and, in most cases, prior to clinical data. The need to partner early both pushes corporate strategy to the forefront, and elevates the importance of partner selection being likely that ongoing strategic collaboration will be a key element of any deal.

Platform companies must make sound strategic choices about platform validation, prioritize and sequence targets and indications, and about what to advance to market or future value inflection alone, and when to partner without cannibalizing retained programs, or restricting future opportunities.

Ed Saltzman, Executive Chairman, Cello Health Bio Consulting
R.A. Session, President, CEO & Founder, Taysha Gene Therapies

Ed Saltzman, Executive Chairman, Cello Health Bio Consulting    R.A. Session, President, CEO & Founder, Taysha Gene Therapies

13:30 Executive Led Discussion: Going Public & The Dynamic of Crossover Investment

  • Competition in crossover - why now for TGC X?
  • With so much capital in the space and a huge IPO window, what do you need to show to secure crossover investment?

Chen Yu, Managing Partner, TCG Crossover

Chen Yu, Managing Partner, TCG Crossover

13:40 Interactive discussion and Q&A

13:55 Key Insight Case Study with Q&A: Top 5 CEO Issues in Collaboration Transactions: Sleep Better at Night

In this session we'll discuss key strategic considerations for biotech CEOs contemplating collaboration transactions with a big pharma partner. We will cover a preview of the road ahead in terms of baseline deal considerations and an effective process. We will discuss maximizing upside potential for these deals and preserving exit value downstream, including discussion around collaboration scope, exclusivity, financials and change of control.

Ken Krisko, Attorney at Law, Cooley
Geoff Spolyar, Attorney at Law, Cooley

Ken Krisko, Attorney at Law, Cooley    Geoff Spolyar, Attorney at Law, Cooley

14:15 General Discussion (suggested topics but not limited to)

  • Securing growth investment - building value privately and when to consider going public
  • SPACs - pros, cons and are they here to stay?
  • Deals and partnerships – what makes an effective partnership, and what should you prepare for?
  • Biotech M&A trends - building for exit or building your own big biotech?

15:00 Close Biotech Start Up CEO Forum



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