Healthtech CEO Forum

Healthtech CEO Forum

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Open to CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, President, Chairman or c-suite executive (CFO, CBO, CCO, CSO, CMO) of a US-based Healthtech and digital health company.

Free to attend, pre-registration only, Chatham House Rule forum hosted on Zoom where all participants are active discussants. 

  • Benchmark yourself against your peers
  • Uncover key factors of success
  • Share war stories and common challenges
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Find new ways to help your business thrive


LSX CEO Forums provide a unique, powerful and valuable space for the candid sharing of ideas and experience between 25-30 CEOs from companies at a similar stage of development. The forum is designed to foster new ideas and create new relationships between attendees so that they can leave with tangible outcomes that will drive their businesses and the sector forward. The forum is an in-person, hollow-square roundtable where all participants are active discussants. It follows a strict Chatham House Rule policy and includes case study peer review and a general discussion focused on brainstorming solutions to the collective challenges of CXOs in the sector.

The forum features 3 x interactive peer review case studies of recent transactions, deals, milestones, or company growth stories which a represented by CEOs or event partners, followed by Q&A and general discussion.

CEO's and/or Event Partners put forward "cases" - either success stories or current challenges and use the group as "consultants" with this format:

  • The Headline - short and enticing.
  • The Nutshell - a concise statement of the issue.
  • The Background - the players, what was at stake, etc.
  • What was tried? What worked and what didn't.
  • Clarifying questions from the group
  • Peer Consultation


Past Attendees:

    AdhereTech    Antidote    Cara Care  Curatio Me   

    Curve Health    Dreamit Ventures    Genome Medical  Navimize   

    NeuEsse    Summit Biomedical Imaging    Transcarent  Winterlight Labs   

BloodFlow Inc    Bots4impact    Cratos    Embrlabs    
    Cherish Health    Otolith Labs    Proof Market    
    Adhera Health    




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