LSX Healthtech Startup CEO Forum

The qualifying criteria of this session is participants must be a CEO, Founder, Co-Founder or President of a US-based, pre-series A, Healthtech company.

A unique, powerful and valuable space for the candid sharing of experience between 25-30 of the sector’s startup healthtech executives. Like-minded executives are joined by 2 appropriate and value-matched industry stakeholders and partners to provide expertise, experience and best practice on strategic areas of focus. Case studies will also be delivered by a number of executives who have enjoyed success or navigated key challenges in their pursuit of company growth.

Strategic topics include, but not restricted to, in-development / invention, progressing through the clinic, market / regulatory approval, product launch / channel strategies, business resilience, fundraising, deal making / partnerships and strategic exits.

A pre-registration only, Chatham House Rule forum hosted on Zoom where all participants are active discussants. 

Attendance is free, however executives must satisfy the key criteria points outlined during registration.

Date: Tuesday 22 June 2021

Timings: 1:00PM - 3:00PM EDT / 12:00 - 2:00PM CST / 10:00AM - 12.00PM PDT

Forum Outline (All times in EST)

13:00 Welcome

Introduction from LSX to the forum, introductions from all participants and sharing of pre event benchmarking survey results

Becky Johnson, Conference Director, LSX

Becky Johnson, Conference Director, LSX

13:05 Executive Insight Q&A: How to Build a Billion Dollar Business

In this session you’ll get the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to, of someone who has ‘been there’ and done it. An entrepreneur and founder who has built, run and scaled several successful business, it’s your chance to speak to Glen in this intimate forum session

Glen Tullman, Founder Livongo &

Glen Tullman, Founder Livongo &

13:30 Executive Led Discussion: Navigating the Pitfalls & Key Success Factors in Raising VC Capital in Healthtech

  • Finding the right investors for the right sector and right stage of business
  • Ensuring a clear route to market and investment matches your growth ambitions
  • The importance of early impressions and knowing the numbers

Adam Dakin, Managing Director, Dreamit Ventures

Adam Dakin, Managing Partner, Dreamit Ventures 300x

13:40 Interactive discussion and Q&A

13:55 Client Alliance Perspective Case Study with Q&A

14:15 Executive Led Discussion: Mapping the Journey to Successful Growth at Scale

  • Raising capital: As easy as series A, B, C?
  • Key models for achieving buy in and practitioner adoption
  • Knowing your market, what to implement and when

Lisa Alderson, CEO & Founder, Genome Medical

Lisa Alderson, CEO & Founder, Genome Medical

14:25 Interactive discussion and Q&A

14:40 General Discussion (suggested topics to include but not limited to)

  • Getting your product launched and the best strategic channels
  • How do you progress through the clinic efficiently and smoothly

15:15 Close Healthtech Start Up CEO Forum

For sponsorship enquiries contact:

Tom Roberts, VP, Business Development

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For speaker enquiries contact:

Becky Johnson, Conference Director 

Becky Johnson