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2021 session details

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Open to CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, President, Chairman or or c-suite executives (CFO, CBO, CCO, CSO, CMO) of US and European, Healthtech companies with an active digital therapeutic product or global, regional or departmental head within global pharmaceutical companies who are actively developing or partnering in digital therapeutics.

Free to attend, pre-registration only, Chatham House Rule forum hosted on Zoom where all participants are active discussants. 

  • Benchmark yourself against your peers
  • Uncover key factors of success
  • Share war stories and common challenges
  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussion
  • Make meaningful connections
  • Find new ways to help your business thrive

Agenda (All times in EDT)

10:00 Welcome

Introduction from LSX to the forum, introductions from all participants and sharing of pre event benchmarking survey results

10:10 Client Alliance Perspective Case Study with Q&A: Looking Towards the Door: Defining the Ultimate Exit Strategy

  • Describing the evolving DTx landscape from the perspective of investors, “Big Pharma”, and smaller up and coming companies.
    • Including the convergences and divergences between each
  • Discuss how different stakeholders can comprehensively evaluate the various exit strategies available to them
  • Discuss the key achievements or milestones DTx co’s should prioritize ahead of a potential exit
  • Discuss how DTx co’s commercialization plan may impact exit options

Leslie Gautam, Executive Director, Torreya

Leslie Gautam, Executive Director, Torreya

10:30 Executive Led Case Study: Raising Capital & Reimbursement Trends

  • Fundraising success in DTx - what gets (and keeps) investors reinvesting
  • A global perspective and real world experience of reimbursement trends
  • Is replicable reimbursement achievable?

Zach Hendersson, CCO, Glooko

Zach Hendersson, CCO Glooko

10:40 Interactive discussion and Q&A

10:55 Client Alliance Perspective Case Study with Q&A: Digital Therapeutics: Opportunity for New Mechanisms of Value

  • What are the most important value propositions of DTx for pharma – standalone value, uplift to the core product, and real-world data
  • How are DTx solutions supporting pharma’s aspirations for value-based care
  • How can pharma realize the value of DTx-generated data in both R&D and commercial contexts

Maurice Solomon, Principal, ZS

Maurice Solomon, Principal, ZS

11:15 Executive Led Discussion: Evolve Or Die: How Pharma Is Driving Innovative Science And Technology To Become A Global Sector Specialist

Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy, Head of Digital Health & Therapeutics, Merck

Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy, Head of Digital Health & Therapeutics, Merck

11:25 Interactive discussion and Q&A

11:40 General Discussion (suggested topics to include but not limited to)

  • Pharma and digital therapeutics innovators - partnerships models and win-win alliances
  • Is provider buy-in is more important than ever?
  • Ensuring adoption in a rapidly changing environment - integrating your technology into old workflows
  • Dissecting the challenges of remote patient monitoring: Applicable learnings for all therapeutic classes

12:00 Close Healthtech DTx Leaders Forum


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