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Join the IP Workshop

Essential Guide to IP

Thursday, September 14th - 2:00pm


What is the IP Workshop?

LSX’s IP Workshop offers executives the chance to hear from experts and get the right advice and best practice from experts on the critical consideration of IP. The workshop will provide a guide to intellectual property in life sciences and robustly protecting innovation.

Essential Guide to Intellectual Property in Life Sciences Transactions and Protecting Medicines

  • Building a Desirable Intellectual Property Estate to Support Business Transactions and Protect Medicine
  • Freedom to Operate - Timing and Scope of Patent Landscape Analysis and How to Handle FTO Issues
  • Leveraging Your IP in Life Sciences Transactions
  • Pre-Diligence Preparations - Self Audit, Secure Strategic IP, Point Person, Construct the IP Narrative and Data Room
  • Structuring the IP Diligence - Framework (Establish Framework for the IP Diligence) and Common Concerns
  • Handling Contract Terms Relating to IP - Term Sheet, Scope of Licensed/Sold Technology, Representations and Warranties, Indemnity, Common Issues in License Transactions and Academic spin-outs

Full agenda coming soon!

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