Qualified 1:1 Partnering

Hosting qualified partnering meetings at LSX USA remains a key fundamental to delivering a worthwhile and productive experience for our attendees, that's why the event hosts two distinct rooms where attendees can hold private meetings, pre-arranged via the conference partnering App.

If you are raising capital or securing dilutive or non-dilutive funding, a whole room is dedicated to holding 1:1 or 1:many group meetings with prospective investors; ranging from philanthropists, incubators and accelerators, angels and HNWs, Family Office, VC, CVC, funds and institutionals. 

If you are seeking partnerships with large pharma, medtech commercial leaders or Big Tech, a whole room of private booths, hosted by industry leading players, will entertain 1:1 or 1:many group meetings to discuss commercial opportunities; not limited to co-development, R&D collaborations, joint ventures, in/out-licensing and M&A.

1:1 partnering meetings can be held from 9am-5.30pm on each conference day, at 30min intervals.

LSX USA 2022 Floor Plan 2nd Floor


Meeting Booth Hosts


To enquire as to how to secure a Pharma, Large Medtech or Big Tech private meeting booth please contact Tom Roberts, VP BD tom@lsxleaders.com