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Why sponsor

Find new partners across biotech, medtech and healthtech.

The co-hosts of the LSX USA CEO Forums are selected for their wealth of industry experience and strength of their domestic and cross-border knowledge.

Given the dynamic this forum is creating, global advisory, law firms, professional & financial services and contract services are the perfect fit to provide the business critical advice needed by life science executives.

Tick 30   Demonstrate thought leadership

... and position your organisation at the forefront of the life sciences and healthcare industry

Tick 30   Educate potential new clients and partners

... about your unique offering, service or solution

Tick 30   Access and develop meaningful relationships

... with decision makers

Tick 30   Connect directly

... with a pre-qualified group whose businesses you can help advance

Tick 30   Be seen as an obvious partner of choice

... in your specific area of expertise

Tick 30   Network with an exclusive group

... of global life science executive leaders


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