LSX Womens Health CEO Forum

Women’s Health CEO Forum

Date tbc

The LSX Women’s Health CEO Forum provides a unique, powerful and valuable space for the candid sharing of ideas and experience between 20 of the sector's entrepreneurs, CEOs, CBOs, CFOs, CCOs and Chairs of Women’s Health companies. The forum is designed to foster new ideas and create new relationships between attendees so that they can leave with tangible outcomes and that will drive their businesses and the sector forward.

The forum is a pre-registration only hollow square forum where all participants are active discussants. It follows a strict Chatham House Rule policy and includes case study peer review and a general discussion focused on brainstorming solutions to the collective challenges of CXOs in the sector.

The forum features 3 x interactive peer review case studies of recent transactions, deals, clinical or product milestones, or company growth stories which are presented by CEOs or event partners, followed by Q&A and general discussion.

Some notes:

  • Time will be managed carefully, with plenty of time for discussion
  • Each speaker is asked to communicate a clear message & solicit specific feedback
  • The moderator will be briefed to guide the discussion to touch on all participants concern

Full details coming soon