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LSX World Congress formerly known as Biotech and Money Congress
etc.venues St Paul's
February 5-6, 2019

Biotech plenary

Day 1 - February 5th 2018 - Plenary Track

08.00 Registration and Breakfast

9.00 Welcome Address 

9.10 Keynote Panel: An evolving ecosystem: global investment trends and models 

9.50 Keynote Panel: Pharma BD: What's in store for 2019?

10.30 Morning Break

Finance and Investment

11.00 Fireside Chat: Super-seeding in antibiotic-alternatives

11.15 Panel: Seeding and nurturing the next generation

12.10 Panel: Funding growth: Building biotech leaders

Strategy and Innovation

11.00 Fireside Chat: Structuring a win-win platform technology deal

11.15 Panel: Symbiotic success: The evolving role of early stage pharma collaboration

12.10 Panel: Mind the gap: Translational research bottlenecks

12.50 Lunch Break

13.50 Fireside Chat: Securing a serious Series A

14.05 Panel: CVC: The corporate multiplier

15.00 Panel: What's new with you?

13.50 Fireside Chat: Pipeline and capital acquisition: Building big, growing fast 

14.05 Strategic partnerships for progressing through the clinic

15.00 Panel: Building international big biotech

15.40 Afternoon Break

16.10 Panel: Genomic potential: Mapping the future of medicine

16.50 Fireside Chat: Looking to the future of science innovation

17.10 Closing keynote: The health paradigm is changing - what is in store?

17.30 Networking Drinks

Day 2 - February 6th 2018 - Plenary Track

08.00 Registration and Breakfast

9.10 Keynote Panel: Looking east to new capital sources

9.50 Keynote Panel: Looking west to buoyant public markets

10.30 Morning Break

Finance and Investment

11.00 Fireside Chat: Taking digital public

11.15 Panel: Bridging the gap: The rise of the crossover investment

12.10 Panel: Beyond venture: Public specialists

Strategy and Innovation

11.00 Fireside Chat: The Payer's perspective

11.15 Panel: The journey to a value-based approach in healthcare

12.10 Panel: De-risking in the quest for commercialisation

12.50 Lunch Break

14.00 Presentation: Deal Watch – where is the money going?

14.20 Panel: What's hot, what's not (lived up to the hype)?

15.20 Panel: Industry foresight: Where are we heading? 

14.00 Fireside Chat: Bringing more to biotech

14.20 Panel: Big data, big value: Revolutionising drug discovery

15:20 Panel: Blockchain in healthcare: Quick out of the blocks

16.00 Close of Congress 


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