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LSX Healthtech CEO Forum-1

They're free to attend, Chatham House Rule forums where all participants are active discussants. By invitation only, each forum is for specific peer groups and open to >35 participants who fit the entry criteria. A unique space for industry leaders to deliver case studies and candidly discuss strategies and overcome challenges.

Thursday, May 4th - 14.00 - 15.40 

14:00 Welcome and Introductions 

14:10 Decision making for early-stage digital health companies 

  • Which market should you address first?  
  • Best way to build your journey to success 
  • Dealing with the fragmented European markets 

Moderator: Klaus Stöckemann, Managing Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners 

Klaus Stöckemann, Managing Partner, Peppermint Venture Partners  

Q&A & general discussion 

14:50 Building a transatlantic digital health company- Scaling to the US from Europe 

  • The challenges of scaling internationally  
  • Extending your leadership team in the US 
  • Difference in company culture EU/US 
  • Go to market, product adaptations and clinical evidence  

Moderator: Konstantin Mehl, CEO, Kaia Health 
 Konstantin Mehl, Founder and CEO, Kaia Health

Q&A & general discussion 

15:20 General Discussion 

  • Fundraising challenges and opportunities  
  • Scaling Healthtech/ digital health start-ups 
  • Overcoming barriers to market and regulatory approval  
  • Creating the right deals and partnerships to move your business forward  
Internationalising and company growth

15:40 Close Healthech CEO Forum