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Investor and Strategic Preferences

Last update: 8th February


Meet our investors

What follows in this document is a selection of 350 equity and strategic investors that have active mandates in investing and supporting biotech, medtech and healthtech companies from across drug discovery and invention, to on-the-market and diffusion, and everyone in-between.

For the purpose of this report, we’ve aggregated and summarised the investment preferences of these firms and highlighted which therapeutic and technology areas are attracting their attention right now. 

Investor / Strategic / Commercial Leader Stats (representative of first 350 registrations)

Investor / Strategic / Commercial Leader Type (out of 350)

Investor Type-1


Main Sector Interest (out of 350)

Investor Sector Interest

Company Development Stage Interest (out of 350)

Investor Pref

Sub-Sector Interest (out of 350)

Investor SubSector Interest (1)

Finance Stage Interest (out of 350)

Investor Stage Interest

Min. Investment Offered (in any round)

Investor Min Investment

Max. Investment Offered (in any round)

Investor Max Investment