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LSX World Congress formerly known as Biotech and Money Congress
etc.venues St Paul's
February 5-6, 2019

Medtech plenary

Day 1 - February 5th 2018 - Plenary Track

08.00 Registration and Breakfast

9.00 Welcome Address

9.10 Keynote Investor panel: Patients + Value = Investment + Deals; the investor confidence equation

Alessio Beverina, General Partner and Founder, Panakès Partners (CONFIRMED), Oliver Litzka, Partner, Andera Partners (CONFIRMED), Josep Sanfeliu, Managing Partner, Asabys Partners (CONFIRMED), Daniel O’Mahony, Partner, Seroba Life Sciences (CONFIRMED), Sascha Alilovic, Partner, SHS (CONFIRMED)

9.50 Keynote Commercial Leader Panel: Medtech M&A, consolidation and strategic imperatives

Chris Cleary, VP, Corporate Development, Medtronic (CONFIRMED), Dennis Crowley, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Licensing, Baxter (Invited), Susan Morano, Vice President Business Development, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices (Invited), Pierre Chauvineau, VP, Rhythm Management, Boston Scientific (Invited)

10.30 Morning Break

11.00 Panel: Disruptors at the gates?; The emergence of medtech 'Mega Players'

11.40 Panel: The new norm?; Non-traditional entrants and cross-sector partnerships

12.20 Panel: Emerging sources of investment fire power; Looking east? 

12.50 Networking Lunch

13.50 Panel: Buoyant capital markets and the empowerment of Medtech

14.10 Panel: Strategic investment vs. venture investment; Where's the appetite right now?

14.45 CEO Fireside Chat: The path to commercialisation with surgical precision

15.05 Panel: present day private finance raising; As easy as ABC(D)?

15.40 Afternoon Break

16.10 Panel: Scale, diversify or expand? Plotting a sustainable path for company growth?

16.50 Panel: Strengthening and consolidating the Medtech B2B play

17.30 Networking Drinks

Day 2 - February 6th 2018 - Plenary Track

08.00 Registration and Breakfast

9.10 Keynote Panel: The B2C value chain; The strategic importance of connecting with customers, patients and consumers

9.50 Keynote Panel: Reconfiguring medtech value chains; Developing a strategic 'power play'

10.30 Morning Break

11.00 Panel: How can medtechs create value in the new health ecosystem?

11.20 Panel: Embracing a digital agenda for a value-driven future; A matter of how, not when

11.55 CEO Fireside Chat: Addressing healthcare challenges through connected health IT

12.15 Panel: Healthcare Evolution; What innovations can give medtech a lasting edge?

12.50 Networking Lunch

13.50 Panel: How should medtechs use data to improve outcomes for all stakeholders?

14.10 Panel: Embedding data intelligence into your medtech portfolio

14.50 Fireside Chat: Technology application and the expansion of medtech's role in the care journey

15.10 Panel: Technology innovation on the horizon

16.00 Close of Congress


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