LSX World 2022 Webinar Future Operating Room

Future Operating Room
Understanding digital trends & uncovering impacts

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Sagentia Innovation specialists will discuss the digital trends influencing the future of the operating room, potential enabling technologies and their expected benefits for patients, surgeons, hospital staff and other stakeholders in the surgical space.

  • Digital trends in the Operating Room
  • Potential enabling technologies including robotics, AR/VR/MR
  • Expected benefits for surgeons, HCPs, hospital managers and patients.

Eduardo von Ristow, Advisory Partner – Medical, Sagentia Innovation

Eduardo von Ristow, Advisory Partner – Medical, Sagentia InnovationEduardo von Ristow joined Sagentia Innovation as Medical Advisory Partner. He worked in strategy, business development, new technology, and product development throughout his career, always in tightly regulated industries. He brings critical lenses on user needs, technology feasibility and commercial viability, helping clients understand different scenarios to develop and validate winning strategies and value propositions.

Ross Jones, Team Leader, Sagentia Innovation

Ross Jones, Team Leader, Sagentia InnovationRoss Jones leads Sagentia Innovation’s work in mathematical modelling. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and 25 years’ experience of consulting. Much of his work involves the development of new devices, covering the full spectrum of physics.

Sagentia LogoSagentia Innovation provides independent advisory and leading-edge product development services focused on science and technology initiatives. Working across the medical, industrial, chemicals and energy, food and beverage, and consumer sectors, Sagentia Innovation works with a broad range of companies, from some of the world’s leading and best-known brands to start-up disruptors. It is part of Science Group (AIM:SAG), which has more than ten offices globally, two UK-based dedicated R&D innovation centres and more than 400 employees. Other Science Group companies include Leatherhead Food Research, TSG Consulting and Frontier Smart Technologies.

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