China Access partner

MAVIE Technologies

MAVIE is a cross-border technology company builder, helping on one hand China to acquire strategic European technologies and knowhow and, on the other hand, the European technology companies to grow a solid business in China at its scale and pace.

Our corporate partnerships with the leading European Private Equity funds as well as our Chinese business development operational capabilities make us a unique player in the cross-border Private Equity industry.

We link China and Europe by helping:

  • Our European clients to access to Chinese funds and Chinese markets,
  • And our Chinese clients to access European High-Tech SME and European markets.

At MAVIE, we explain and share the essence of words and ideas with each other. We focus on facts and confront each opportunity with a fresh mind and without any preconceived notions. Our experts bring real-world experience, hands-on involvement and the highest business ethic to every engagement.