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YVC Collective Reception

Hosted in the Capital Markets and Investment Room
16:30 - 17:40 Wednesday 3rd May 2023



The next generation of VC life science leaders

In Partnership with:

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Emerging VC professionals are the Partners of tomorrow and we are delighted to have teamed up with the YVC Collective to host an exclusive fireside chat and networking reception before the Networking Party on day one! 

YVC Collective Reception


16.30 – Welcome from LSX

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

Josh Dance, SVP, LSX

16.35 -  Introduction to YVC Collective

Arturo Urrios, Venture Advisor, Wellington Partners

16.40 - The current and future of VC leaders in life sciences

  • Introductions - How did you end up here? What inspires you about working with your colleagues Partner/Principal? 
  • How should we think about career management?
  • Did you plan your career? Is that something you can plan?
  • What is normal succession? How is it managed?
  • How do we set up emerging VCs for success in our industry? What success means and how you get there?
  • How do you work together?
  • Does diversity play a role? What does it mean for you and your team?
  • How important is to build your network? How do you do that?
  • How do you leverage your network for deal sourcing?
  • Final thoughts - advice for future generations
Moderator: Arturo Urrios, Venture Advisor, Wellington Partners
Charles Conn
, Co-founder and Partner, Monograph Capital
Bonnie van Wilgenburg, Principal, Monograph Capital

Charles Conn, Co-founder and Partner, Monograph CapitalBonnie Van Wilgenburg, Principal, Monograph Capital PartnersArturo Urrios, Investment Manager, Wellington Partners

17.00 – YVC Collective exclusive networking drinks 

17.40 -  LSX World Congress Coronation Party