Meet our 2022 speakers

We're excited to announce the RNA Leaders speakers.

Speakers are listed in alphabetical order. 

Lovisa Afzelius, CEO, Alltrna, & Origination Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Lovisa Afzelius

Founding CEO and Director
John Androsavich, Global Head, RNA Medicine Lead - Emerging Science & Innovation, Pfizer

John Androsavich

Global Head, RNA Medicine Lead - Emerging Science & Innovation
Patrick Baumhof, Senior Vice President Technology, CureVac

Patrick Baumhof

Senior Vice President Technology
Kirk Brown, CNS Program Lead, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Kirk Brown

CNS Program Lead
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Giles Campion, Chief Medical Officer and EVP, Head of R&D, Silence Therapeutics

Giles Campion

Chief Medical Officer and EVP, Head of R&D
Silence Therapeutics
John Carroll, Director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) & Dean of Biomedical Sciences, Monash University

John Carroll

Monash University
Karen Chapman, CSO, Eclipsebio

Karen Chapman

Rahul Chib, Field Application Scientist, Nanosystems

Rahul Chib

Field Application Scientist
Precision Nanosystems
Jason Coleman, Clinical Application Scientist Lead, Precision Nanosystems

Jason Coleman

Clinical Application Scientist Lead
Precision Nanosystems
Camden Cutright, Business Development Director, Micropore Technologies

Camden Cutright

Business Development Director
Micropore Technologies
Frank de Rosa, Chief Technology Officer & Global Head of Research, mRNA Center of Excellence, Sanofi

Frank de Rosa

CTO & Global Head of Research, mRNA Center of Excellence
Matthew Disney, Chair, Scripps Research

Matt Disney

Professor, Department of Chemistry
Scripps Research
Yaniv Erlich, CEO, Eleven Therapeutics

Yaniv Erlich

Eleven Therapeutics
Dan Elbaum , Chief Scientific Officer, QurAlis

Dan Elbaum

Chief Scientific Officer
Malgorzata Gonciarz, Associate Vice President, Genetic Medicine, Eli Lilly

Malgorzata Gonciarz

Associate Vice President, Genetic Medicine
Eli Lilly
Robert Goodnow, Head Drug Discovery Sciences at Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Robert Goodnow

Head Drug Discovery Sciences
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Michelle Hall, Eli lilly

Michelle Hall

Associate Vice President, Genetic Medicine
Eli lilly
Matthew Hawryluk, EVP, Chief Business Officer, Gritstone

Matthew Hawryluk

EVP, Chief Business Officer
Gritstone Bio
David Hoey, CEO, Vaxxas

David Hoey

Lucio Iannone, VP of Venture Investments Health, Leaps at Bayer

Lucio Iannone

VP of Venture Investments Health
Leaps at Bayer
Aimee Jackson, CSO, Atalanta Therapeutics

Aimee Jackson

Atalanta Therapeutics
Kate Jeffrey, Executive Director, Moderna

Kate Jeffrey

Executive Director
Zaven Kaprielian, CSO Remix Therapeutics

Zaven Kaprielian

Remix Therapeutics
Krishna Kannan, Senior Director, Product Development, CODEX DNA

Krishna Kannan

Senior Director, Product Development
Codex DNA
Nina Kjellson, General Partner, Canaan

Nina Kjellson

General Partner
Martin Koegler, Scientist, Chemical Research and Manufacturing Sciences, Axolabs GmbHJPG

Martin Kögler

Scientist, Chemical Research and Manufacturing Sciences
Jayesh Kulkarni, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, NanoVation Therapeutics

Jayesh Kulkarni

CSO & Co-founder
Nanovation Therapeutics
Heikki Lanckriet, CEOCSO, 4basebio

Heikki Lanckriet

Jeremy Little, Director, Custom Oligonucleotides, Chemgenes

Jeremy Little

Director, Custom Oligonucleotides
Pallavi Lonkar, VP, Head of Bioanalytical, DMPK, PenGen

Pallavi Lonkar

VP, Head of Bioanalytical, DMPK
Marie Wikstrom Lindholm, SVP and Head of Molecular Design, Silence Therapeutics

Marie Wikstrom Lindholm

SVP and Head of Molecular Design
Silence Therapeutics
Tim Luker, VP Venture Science, Corporate BD, Eli Lilly

Tim Luker

VP Venture Science, Corporate BD
Eli Lilly
Dave Madge, Vice President, WuXi AppTec

Dave Madge

Vice President
WuXi AppTec
Brett Monia, CEO, Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Brett Monia

Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Colin Moran, Global Early Innovation Partnering Lead, J&J

Colin Moran

Global Early Innovation Partnering Lead
Johnson & Johnson
Samantha OConnor, Head, Business and Operations, Emerging Sciences & Innovation (ES&I), Pfizer-1

Sam O'Connor

Head, Business & Operations, Emerging Sciences Innovation (ESI)
David Oxley, President, Exopharm

David Oxley

Lori Panther, VP, Clinical Development, Infectious Disease, Moderna, Inc.

Lori Panther

VP, Clinical Development, Infectious Disease
Moderna, Inc.
Angelica Peebles, Health Reporter, Bloomberg News

Angelica Peebles

Health Reporter
Bloomberg News
Silvi Rouskin, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Silvi Rouskin

Assistant Professor
Harvard Medical School
Branden Ryu,CEO,Biorchestra

Branden Ryu

Suzanne Saffie-Siebert CEO at SiSaf

Suzanne Saffie-Sieber

Dmitry Samarsky, Chief Technology Officer, Sirnaomics

Dmitry Samarsky

Konstantina Skourti Stathaki, Principal Scientist, MiNA Therapeutics 1

Konstantina Skourti Stathaki

Principal Scientist
MiNA Therapeutics
David Slack President and CBO, Lisata Therapeutics

David Slack

President and CBO
Lisata Therapeutics
David Sokolowski, Global Workflow Manager, Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, Cytiva

David Sokolowski

Global Workflow Manager, Nucleic Acid Therapeutics
Katarina Stenklo, Enterprise Solutions Commercial Activation Leader, Cytiva

Katarina Stenklo

Enterprise Solutions Commercial Activation Leader
Dietrich Stephan

Dietrich Stephan

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
NeuBase Therapeutics
Thomas Thum CSO & Founder, Cardior Pharma

Thomas Thum

CSO & Founder
Cardior Pharma
Geoffrey von Maltzahn, General Partner, Flagship Pioneering

Geoffrey von Maltzahn

General Partner
Flagship Pioneering
Rowan Walrath, Life sciences reporter, Boston Business Journal

Rowan Walrath

Life sciences reporter
Boston Business Journal
Nathaniel Wang, CEO, Replicate Bioscience

Nathaniel Wang

Replicate Bioscience
Samuel Wickline, Chief Scientific Officer, Altamira Therapeutics, Inc.

Samuel Wickline

Altamira Therapeutics, Inc.
Renee Williams Eli Lilly

Renee Williams

Associate Vice President of External Strategy and Genetic Medicine
Eli Lilly