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Advanced Chemical RNA Synthesis

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October 18th
10.55 am - 11:55 am

This workshop will examine the topic of advanced chemical RNA synthesis from the perspective of a contract manufacturer (CMO), especially the relationship between the CMO and the customer.  It is designed to be a roundtable discussion between the audience attendees and the speaker.  

Topics to be addressed will include:

  • The variety of chemical protecting groups to consider, synthetic scales, turnaround time
  • When to begin discussions with a CMO and what key features might want to be considered for partnership
  • What will CMO facilities look like going forward as the nucleic acid field continues to evolve

Workshop Leader: 

Jeremy Little, Director, Custom Oligonucleotides, Chemgenes

Jeremy Little, Director, Custom Oligonucleotides, ChemGenes


The workshop is free to attend and you do need to pre-book your seat when booking your ticket.