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A Genomic Medicine Toolkit for Non-Viral Genetic Medicines: Payloads, Delivery, and Manufacturing

Precision Nanosystems

October 19th

This workshop will provide an overview of the steps needed to bring an RNA Lipid Nanoparticle (LNP)-based genetic medicine from idea toward large scale manufacturing/GMP manufacturing

  •  You will get an overview of the Genetic Medicine Toolkit and how to use it to create non-viral genetic medicines covering: LNP formulation development as well as process development needed for LNP manufacturing including downstream processing methods and suitable analytical techniques

  • The workshop will provide exemplary data and learning points from a real-world example based on a saRNA-LNP COVID-19 vaccine developed by Precision NanoSystems in Canada

Workshop Leaders: 

Jason Coleman, Clinical Application Scientist Lead, Precision NanosystemsRahul Chib, Field Application Scientist, Nanosystems

Jason Coleman, Clinical Application Scientist Lead, Precision Nanosystems
Rahul Chib, Field Application Scientist, Precision Nanosystems

The workshop is free to attend and you do need to pre-book your seat when booking your ticket.