We are at a historical moment in humankind

Interview with Dominik Witzigmann
Co-founding CEO of NanoVation Therapeutics

Dominik Witzigmann

In March 2022, we spoke to Dominik and asked him about what excites him about the field of RNA and why he decided to join RNA Leaders.




Dom, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your focus within RNA?


I'm the co-founding CEO of NanoVation Therapeutic, and we are very much focused on lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technologies and developing platforms which can deliver RNA payloads to various tissues in our body. I would say we are “The GoTo Innovator for nucleic acid delivery solving the limitations of genetic medicines”.



What most excites you currently about the field of RNA? Which emerging technologies and what about the field in general?


That we are at a historical moment in humankind, we can treat any disease we can think of utilizing nucleic acids. The question is: how can we get to the next step beyond the liver and beyond vaccines.

Dominik Witzigmann RNA Leaders 2022


Why did you decide to be a part of RNA leaders for our launch in Basel?


For me, it's a home play. I did my PhD in Basel, so it's great to be back. It's also a great conference. Many company leaders from small to Big Pharma, a great platform for partnering - I really enjoy the in-person part.

Which areas of the RNA leader’s agenda interested you most this year and why?


I would say the RNA delivery part, how do other companies deliver the RNA and especially what are the bottlenecks, how can we help them with our platform technologies and what therapeutic areas they want to step into, to which organs they want to deliver an RNA and how could we work together with them to propel their programs forward.



And do you see that as the biggest challenge within the RNA field currently, or do you see any other sort of major barriers that the industry needs to overcome, particularly within the RNA field?


I would think of three. One is delivery - how can we get access to all the tissues in our body. Second is mRNA, which is known to be transient - how can we extend the expression kinetics and improve mRNA stability. And the third one is the regulatory side. There are many rare genetic disorders - how can we get the regulatory agencies to be more open to highly personalized therapies.



And finally, what can we expect to see from NanoVation Therapeutic in the coming few months and years? What's next for you?


Definitely growing the company and partnering. Recently, we have started a subsidiary in the UK following our headquarters in Vancouver. There will be other innovation technology hubs (NanoVation GENErators™) coming up to further strengthen our IP portfolio. We will be extensively working together with various pharma/biotech partners to empower their nucleic acid therapeutics.



Join Dominik for the second year of RNA Leaders Europe in 2023. You’ll have the chance to learn about the latest, discovery, clinical, manufacturing and commercially viable developments across mRNA, RNAi, and ASOs therapeutics and next-generation RNA Vaccines. Tickets on sale