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Workforce Wellbeing Congress


27-28 April 2022
Barbican Convention Centre, London, UK
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A new paradigm for employee health and wellbeing

Workforce Wellbeing Live is a high impact, exclusive event designed for HR/People leaders, Chief Medical Officers, Heads of Health & Wellbeing, Benefits Managers, D&I Leaders from large employers who are looking to learn about the latest trends, technologies and strategies to help them navigate this new era.

The theme of the event is around personalisation, prevention, and evidence backed approaches employers can take to employee wellbeing. Looking through a holistic lens, we'll be unpacking the strategies, tools and innovations that will empower employers to unlock the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their workforces.

The congress provides a powerful space to share best practice, learn, grow and connect with peers, solution and service providers.

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Bringing the community together

The wellness opportunity

Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • The annual cost to businesses in the UK of poor mental health is £45bn
  • $4 is returned to the economy for every $1 spent caring for people with mental health issues.
  • 60% of employers are starting, continuing, or expanding their behavioural health services.

Lifestyle & Physical Health

  • Productivity and health are suffering because employees are not getting enough SLEEP, and/or have poor NUTRITION and EXERCISE habits.
  • 75% of corporate healthcare expenses are spent on chronic diseases, mostly diet-related.
  • Poor nutrition, physical inactivity, frequent alcohol consumption and tobacco cost US employers $28.2 million every year in lost productivity

Financial Wellbeing

  • 51.1% of employees report high levels of financial concern
  • Employees who have financial concerns are half as productive as others
  • They also have unhealthier lifestyles, such as binge drinking and bad diet.


20 Interactive Roundtables

Mental Health at Work Forum

Pensions & Financial Health Forum

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking

200+ Corporate Chief Medical Officers, HR/Health &Wellbeing/D&I business leaders

40+ World class speakers

Large Employer Focus & Global in reach & audience

Focused Exhibition for elite solution & service providers

Become a partner

Do you offer products or services to support wellness at work? Employers attending the Workforce Wellbeing Congress want to meet you! They' re looking for:

  • Benefit and Reward strategies that work
  • Evidence based interventions
  • Data tools and resources


Female Founders

Networking, Dialogue And Mentorship For Women In Health And Life Sciences
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