About Workforce Wellbeing

Mental, Physical & Financial Wellbeing

The COVID-19 pandemic has served to sharpen the focus on the importance of employee health and wellbeing to a corporation’s profitability, resilience, and ability to achieve its long term aims.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, behavioural health problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression were widespread, constituting a leading cause of diminished well-being and exacting an enormous toll in the form of absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased healthcare costs.

What’s more, the epidemic has ushered in a brand new era in workforce planning and resource optimisation. We are witnessing a radical shake up in the way that organisations organise, engage, motivate, and drive their workforces to fulfil both employer and employee ambitions.

The need for urgent action by business leaders to rise and meet the new challenges this era demands has become apparent. More and more companies are assessing their overall strategy and responsibilities toward employee wellbeing, re-evaluating their benefit and reward strategies, hiring Chief Medical Officers and/or evolving the role of Health & Safety / Employee Wellness in their organisations.

Their challenges range from enabling behavioural and culture shifts, facilitating data driven decisions, through to devising and implementing practical interventions and strategies to optimise the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of their employees. The prize to those who get it right is enormous: happier, healthier, and more engaged employees leads not just to higher productivity, improved profitability and better outcomes – it also leads to resilience and attractiveness to shareholders and investors who increasingly paying attention to ESG criteria.

The Workforce Wellbeing Congress is designed for HR/People leaders, Chief Medical Officers, Heads of Health & Wellbeing, Benefits Managers, D&I Leaders from large employers who are looking to learn about the latest trends, technologies and strategies to help them navigate this new era.

It encourages employers to see wellbeing through a holistic lens, looking strategies to improve not just physical/health, but mental and financial wellbeing.

The congress provides a powerful space to share best practice, learn, grow and connect with peers, solution and service providers.