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Workforce Webinar Mastering Personalised Employee Wellbeing

Mastering Personalised Employee Wellbeing
with Linklaters, Comcast and Betterspace

Calendar19th of April Time 1 pm BTS

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Wellbeing is now a core element of what employees need, and the employers who get this right are set to attract and retain valuable talent in the years to come. With Martel Neville from Comcast US, Jenny Lloyd from Linklaters, and Jim Woods, the CEO of BetterSpace, we’ll be discussing issues such as;

  • Why the employee proposition is changing

  • The shortcomings of taking a one size fits all approach to wellbeing

  • What Linklaters has learned from providing personalised wellbeing through Betterspace

  • How technology is making personalisation possible and cost-effective

  • The merits of giving employees personal wellbeing budgets

  • How to bring wellbeing into the culture, and give employees permission to look after their wellbeing.


Join us on the 19th of April from 1 pm BTS

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Speakers Bio

Martel Neville

Martel Neville

Martel Neville is Director of International Total Rewards COE for Comcast, NBCUniversal and Sky. He currently oversees total rewards design and strategy for all non-US business and locations within 37 countries. Prior to Comcast, Martel’s career has allowed him to gain expertise in various HR disciplines including, but not limited to: Communications, Compensation, Executive Compensation, HR Consulting, HR Operations, Human Capital Management, Labor Relations, and US Benefits Management.

He has served organizations in the airline, consulting, energy, manufacturing, media, staffing, and technology industries. Martel holds a BS in Business Management, an MS in Leadership Development, an MBA in Compliance, and a Master of Jurisprudence in Corporate & Business Law.

Jenny Lloyd

Jenny Lloyd

With over ten years of HR experience, Jenny has been a Diversity and Wellbeing specialist for the last seven years and is responsible for overseeing the Linklaters’ UK diversity, inclusion and wellbeing strategy.

Recent achievements include leading on the design and launch of Linklaters’ package of support for employees and partners living with Domestic Abuse and the delivery of successful reverse mentoring schemes with a focus on D&I to drive a culture of inclusion.

Jenny is passionate about making the working environment one in which anybody can thrive, regardless of their background.

Jim Woods

Jim Woods

Jim has been an entrepreneur for 20 years, with ventures ranging from motorcycles to hotels to recruitment. By 2017 he had lost 5 friends to suicide, and he and his wife were trying to help a very close friend with extreme anxiety and depression. This brought home the difficulty of helping someone with high levels of distress, and the need to help people earlier. We were ultimately unsuccessful.

That began a quest to find a way to help people before they have a diagnosable problem, or those with moderate mental health. That’s around 60% of the population in western economies. And from there, with the help of a bearded Italian machine learning expert called Alfredo, BetterSpace was born. A wellbeing marketplace built around the six pillars of mental health – sleep, exercise, social connections, helping others, meaningful activities and stress management – with the aim of helping large populations of employees.

BetterSpace is now being used by progressive employers such as Linklaters and Accenture in the UK, with 71% reporting an improvement in their mental health.