Corporate venture capital has proven to be an essential resource for the developing digital health ecosystem in recent years, with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds driving synergistic innovations across the healthcare value chain. But in light of the major challenges currently facing health-tech start-ups, are CVC investors still open to new opportunities, or focusing on consolidating existing portfolios? 

In this complimentary 40-minute session, corporate venture investors will explore the current health-tech landscape and reveal where CVC is looking for the next innovation wave. 

What will be covered?

  • How are corporate venture investors driving synergistic innovations across the healthcare value chain?
  • In light of the challenges currently facing healthtech start-ups, are corporate venture investors expanding into new areas, or consolidating existing portfolio focuses?
  • How can healthtech SMEs demonstrate value to corporate investors in the current climate?

David Gordon, Head of Investments, Longliv Ventures 
Edward Kliphuis, Director, M Ventures 
Bruce Meadows, Investment Director, Takeda Digital Ventures
Tamir Meiri, Senior Manager Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC
Moderator: Tina Tan, Executive Editor, FirstWord Group
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