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Welcome to Female Founders

Female Founders is designed to connect female-founded health and life science companies with LSX’s network of investors and experienced life science professionals, provide the resources to help women raise more capital and facilitate knowledge-sharing between founders and industry veterans. Why are we here?

  • To stimulate investment in female-founded health and life sciences companies in Europe, by connecting them with LSX’s existing network of 10,000 investors

  • To connect women with experienced health and life sciences industry professionals for mentoring, knowledge-exchange and networking

  • To provide a network for women in European health and life sciences to share ideas, ask questions and make the connections needed to grow their business



  • We facilitate open, honest dialogue between women in health and life sciences to help grow female-led businesses, as well as to support individual career progression.

Diversity and inclusion

  • We believe that diversity drives innovation. We welcome women from all cultures and backgrounds and encourage diverse points of view and experience to solve some of the world’s biggest health challenges.


  • The needs of our members are integral to setting the strategic direction of the Female Founders network. We are committed to taking regular advice from our members as the network evolves and to hosting regular feedback sessions for members to contribute actively to that evolution.

Serving unmet medical needs

  • Female-led businesses don’t just solve “women’s problems” but they certainly help. We are committed to driving investment into companies solving women’s health challenges and serving unmet medical needs.


Webinar: Female Founders – Encouraging, Developing and Commercialising Talent
Thursday 4th February (Part of the LSX World Congress)
11:00 – 12:00 BST

Statistics of representation on boards, the imbalance of investment into female entrepreneurs and the wider gender imbalance in life sciences and healthcare businesses shows we still have a long way to go. Women’s health is considered by some as a niche, when it is anything but. Too often, lip service can be paid to the cause without effective action, and the importance of business networks, mentorship and thought leadership in tackling the issue of gender cannot be underestimated. Inspiring female founders discuss the challenges they have faced in building their life science and healthcare businesses, raising capital in a male-dominated industry, and what more can and should be done to expedite growth and equality in female entrepreneurship and leadership in life sciences. Importantly, how can the wider industry, and the men within, best play their part and make a true and meaningful difference.

  • Moderator: Angela Tyrell, SVP, LSX & Female Founders
  • Sharon Cunningham, Co-Founder & CEO, Shorla Pharma
  • Lea Von Bidder, Co-Founder & CEO, Ava
  • Caroline Barelle, Co-Founder & CEO, Elasmogen
  • Valerie Vanhooren, CEO, ONA Therapeutics
  • Fiona MacLaughlin, Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

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Virtual Roundtable: Female Founders Advisory Meeting
Friday 5th February
11:00 – 12:00 BST

Have a say in the strategic direction of Female Founders from the outset. The advisory meeting is open to health and life sciences professionals who are passionate about supporting female-led businesses. It will help to set the strategic direction of Female Founders in 2021. The session will cover first year goals, mentor and industry champion recommendations, content suggestions and event calendar. It also offers participants the opportunity to voice additional ideas and needs, to ask questions and to meet with other women who are driving change in health and life sciences.

Moderator: Angela Tyrell, SVP, LSX & Female Founders

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