Innovation drives the advancement of health care. Far from a random moment of inspiration, successful innovation follows a disciplined development path. Before new technologies can reach the clinic, careful planning to define and complete the right preclinical studies with the right models is vital to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders and propel the program to the next stage.

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In this session, experts from IMMR, market leaders in the design and conduct of MedTech, Biopharma and Biotech preclinical studies in large models, explore the critical role of preclinical science in health care innovation.

What we will cover:

  • Why preclinical science is an essential component of innovation in health care
  • The phases of preclinical research and the unique contributions of each phase
  • Key stakeholders in preclinical studies: Investors, company executive and R&D management, regulatory bodies, institutional Ethics Committees and clinical investigators
  • The importance of choosing the right model for preclinical studies
  • Considerations in selecting a preclinical laboratory


Expert Speakers


Nicolas Borenstein, DVM, PhD, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, IMMR

Nicolas Borenstein, DVM, PhD, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, IMMR 300xNicolas Borenstein completed his veterinary medical and surgical training in Paris and in Fort Collins, CO in the US. He completed a Master of Science in Surgical Science with Professor Alain Carpentier in Broussais Hospital, and his PhD with IMM Recherche. In 2003, Dr. Borenstein led the spin-out of IMMR as an independent company, serving as Co-Founder and Scientific Director. He has pioneered surgical and transcatheter preclinical science, is a widely published author of research articles and textbook chapters and has served as a reviewer for peer-review journals including Veterinary Cardiology, Veterinary Surgery and others.

Luc Behr, DVM, PhD, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, IMMR

Luc Behr, DVM, PhD, Co-Founder and Scientific Director, IMMR 300xLuc Behr completed his training in veterinary medicine, his surgical residency, and his MSc and PhD degrees in stem cell research at prestigious institutions in France, as well as an externship at The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. He joined IMM Recherche in 2001 and became a Co-Founder and Scientific Director of IMMR following its spin-out as an independent company in 2003. Dr. Behr is a recognized thought leader in preclinical science and the design of surgical and transcatheter medical devices, having helped hundreds of small and large companies to innovate sophisticated medical technologies and implant procedures, and to navigate the complex regulatory environment that governs preclinical research.

Laurence Fiette, DVM, PhD, DESAPV, HDR, Head of Pathology, IMMR

Laurence Fiette, DVM, PhD, DESAPV, HDR, Head of Pathology, IMMR 300xLaurence Fiette completed her training in veterinary medicine, Board certification in Veterinary Pathology (D.E.S.) and PhD in virology at prestigious institutions in France. Prior to joining IMMR in 2016 as Head of the Pathology Department, she worked at the Institut Pasteur in Paris as an experimental pathologist in the field of animal models of human infectious diseases and cancer, and she also created a platform of Pathology for research at the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva. Dr. Fiette has authored and co-authored more than 50 research articles and book chapters. She is also active in teaching and organizing international scientific meetings in the field of animal models and pathology.

Robert Kieval, VMD, PhD, CEO, IMMR, Inc. (USA)

Robert Kieval, VMD, PhD, CEO, IMMR, Inc. (USA) 300xRobert Kieval has over 28 years of leadership experience and a track record of success in innovating, financing and commercializing sophisticated medical technology. His prior positions include Divisional Medical Director at Medtronic, Founder & CEO at CVRx, President of Diligence Matters LLC, and Business Development Director at ProtoStar, a venture-backed MedTech incubator. Dr. Kieval was named an Innovator of the Year by Twin Cities Finance & Commerce and one of Minnesota’s Top Inventors by Twin Cities Business. He has doctorate degrees in Veterinary Medicine and in Physiology, both from The University of Pennsylvania.
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