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Female founders received just 2.7% of all venture capital investment in 2019. Being higher than ever before, that was billed as a win.

In 2020 the percentage of venture capital invested in women fell back to pre-2017 levels. Diversity might be a hot topic, but the numbers tell a much bleaker story. We’re going to help to change that.

We believe that nurturing female founders has a profound positive impact on global health and global economies.

LSX have a strong track record of stimulating investment into European health and life sciences companies. Now, we want to put that expertise towards improving investment, mentorship and business partnerships for women in Europe’s health and life sciences sectors.

By joining the Female Founders network – as an entrepreneur, a mentor, a partner or an enthusiast – you are joining a community of inspirational and passionate women at the forefront of health and life sciences.

You’ll have access to new business contacts, investment opportunities, new thinking, latest news, job opportunities and peer-to-peer support.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our awesome community!

Angela Tyrrell
SVP, LSX and Female Founders

Angela Tyrrell, SVP, LSX and Female Founders