Building a diverse leadership team and board
Friday 30th April 11am BST

In the recently released Deerfield Report an analysis of 140 venture-backed health and life science companies found that nearly half had no female board members. And, of the six who managed to achieve 50% women on their board, all but one had a female CEO. For all the talk about the importance of diversity at the most senior levels, in reality there are still too many very real barriers to achieving it. This webinar addresses the problem head-on, including some tangible changes that might be implemented to build a diverse leadership team and board, including:

  • What are the risks of hiring based on competency over experience? What are the potential benefits? How to navigate board and investor objections.
  • Weighing up the relative benefits of tangible solutions like rewriting policies, interview targets or quotas and unconscious bias training, by looking at them through an “idealist vs realist” lens
  • How will the demand for diverse boards and leadership teams evolve in the next five years? What is the commercial risk of not taking gender parity seriously? What is the outcome if they fail to adapt?

Priya Mande, COO, PsiOxus Therapeutics
Keren Leshem, CEO, OCON Healthcare
Sabine Dandiguian, Managing Partner, Jeito Life
Houman Ashrafian
, Managing Partner, SV Health Investors
Moderator: Malcolm Silander, Co-Founder, Precision Biosearch


Women’s health investment priorities including “taboo tech” growth markets, inclusivity and equality
Thursday 13th May 12pm BST

Women’s health is gaining ground as an important market segment. But it still desperately needs more investment. This session looks at why women’s health is so lucrative and how it extends beyond Femtech to complex medical solutions. It also looks at how to stimulate investment in female founders and putting women’s health at the top of more VC agendas.


  • Marie Laure Mahe, Vice President Business Development, Europe, Essity Ventures
  • Lucanus Polagnoli, Co-Founder, Calm/Storm Ventures
  • Deepali Nangia, Co-Founder, Alma Angels
  • Maria Velissaris, Founding Partner, SteelSky Ventures


“Women’s health is global health” – seizing market opportunities in period care, incontinence and sexual wellbeing
Thursday 13th May 3pm

Some of the world’s most interesting SMEs tackling an array of women’s health concerns including period care, incontinence and sexual wellbeing look at how to launch a successful women’s health brand including busting taboos, fund raising, product manufacturing, distribution and marketing.


  • Gloria Kolb, Co-Founder and CEO, Elidah
  • Frances Tang, Founder, Awkward Essentials
  • Daniella Peri, CEO, Yoppie
  • Arion Long, Founder and CEO, Femly


Ask the Investors Roundtable
Tuesday 15th June 2pm BST


  • Jonathan Synett, Managing Director, NCL Technology Ventures
  • Jeroen Bakker, Principal, Novo Holdings


Friday 16th July 11am BST - Webinar – The anatomy of a deal

Tuesday 17th August 2pm BST - Member Clinic – Pitching, Credibility and Negotiation

Tuesday 21st September 2pm BST - Ask the Investors Roundtable

Friday 22nd October 11am BST - Webinar – Closing the investment gap

Tuesday 23rd November 2pm GMT - Member Clinic – Deal Dynamics and Financing

Friday 3rd December 11am GMT - Ask the Investors Roundtable


Past events

Ask the Investors Roundtable
Tuesday 30th March


  • Diana Saraceni, Partner, Panakes Partners
  • Leigh Brody, Investment Manager, AlbionVC
  • Eva Tarasova, Investment Director, Wharton Asset Management
  • Alexandra Bause, Investment Director, Apollo Health Venture
  • Inga Deakin, Principal, Draper Esprit


Virtual Roundtable: Female Founders Advisory Meeting
Friday 19th February

Have a say in the strategic direction of Female Founders from the outset. The advisory meeting is open to health and life sciences professionals who are passionate about supporting female-led businesses. It will help to set the strategic direction of Female Founders in 2021. The session will cover first year goals, mentor and industry champion recommendations, content suggestions and event calendar. It also offers participants the opportunity to voice additional ideas and needs, to ask questions and to meet with other women who are driving change in health and life sciences.

Moderator: Angela Tyrell, SVP, LSX & Female Founders

See the report here


Webinar: Female Founders – Encouraging, Developing and Commercialising Talent
Thursday 4th February (Part of the LSX World Congress)

Inspiring female founders discuss the challenges they have faced in building their life science and healthcare businesses, raising capital in a male-dominated industry, and what more can and should be done to expedite growth and equality in female entrepreneurship and leadership in life sciences.

The panel took place at the recent LSX Congress and included:

  • Sharon Cunningham, Co-Founder & CEO, Shorla Pharma
  • Lea Von Bidder, Co-Founder & CEO, Ava
  • Caroline Barelle, Co-Founder & CEO, Elasmogen
  • Valerie Vanhooren, CEO, ONA Therapeutics
  • Fiona MacLaughlin, Senior Director, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
  • Moderator: Angela Tyrell, SVP, LSX & Female Founders

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